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Position: Lecturer and Chairpeson
Department: Fashion Design and Marketing 
Contact Address: P.O. Box 438344-00100, Nairobi.
Tel.: +254-20-8710901/9 Ext 57221
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Research Interests: E-Marketing, innovative and entrepreneurship and Social media   Marketing
Area of Specialization: E-Marketing, Social media marketing, Innovative and green entrepreneurship

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 Visiting Fellow 2021 - African Studies Centre Leiden (ASCL)-Leiden University- Netherlands.


  • Stephanie Kobehlo Musombi,  Wanduara M, & Kisato J. (2024). Fabrication of a Sustainable Biodegradable Packaging Alternative for the Fashion Industry from Banana Waste. East African Journal of Business and Economics. 2707-4250 (Print) and 2707-4269 (Online). Volume 7, Issue 1, 2024. 23-33
  • Agordah F., E., Isika, J., K., & Kisato, J. (2023). Instructional Resources for Skill Acquisition in the Art of Millinery for Higher National Diploma: A Study of Fashion Design in Technical Universities in Ghana. East African Journal of Education Studies. Volume 6, Issue 2, 2023.
  • Agordah, F., E., Kisato, J., Isika, J., K., (2023). Prerequisites for Millinery Art Skills Acquisition by Higher National Diploma Fashion Design Students in Ghana. East African Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. Volume 6, Issue 2, 2023.
  • Rolle J.D, Kisato J. & Kebaya C.(2020) Preliminary review of abstracts on a handbook on the future of work and entrepreneurship for the underserved. The Business & Management Review, Volume 11 Number 2: ISSN 2047-2862(PRINT).ISSN 2047-2854 (ONLINE)
  • Rolle J.D, Kisato J. Rock P. & Winstanley J. (2020).  Inclusive entrepreneurship: A critical look at the inclusion of persons with Disabilities. The Business and Management Review, Volume 11 Number 1 pg 199.ISSN 2047-2862(PRINT) ISSN 2047-2854 (ON-LINE)
  • D. Rolle and Jacqueline Kisato. (2019). The Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Underserved. Conference Proceedings. The Business and Management Review, Volume 10 Number 2. 2019. 
  • Rolle J.D, Billy I., Kisato J., Acevedo R., & Khasadyahu Z. (2017).The Cultural Genogram:  Experiential Entrepreneurship through a Global Lens. Academy of Business and Retail Management, vol 8, No.4. ISSN 2047-2854
  • Kisato J., Wandaka I. & Rolle J. (2016). Social Media Marketing in Micro and Small Fashion Enterprises in Nairobi, Kenya.International Journal of Social Science and Business. http://ijssb.com/index.php/54-contact/102-vol-1-no-4-december-2016
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  • Kisato J.Wandaka I. & Muigai D. (2015). E-Marketing Utilisation among Apparel MSEs in Nairobi, Kenya. African Journal of Textile and Apparel Research vol. 1 issue 1
  • Ochola J., Kisato J.,Kinuthia L., Mwasiagi J. & Waithaka, A. (2012). Study the Influence of Fibre Properties on Yarn Imperfections in Ring Spun Yarns. Asian Journal of Textile 2 (3): 32-43, 2012 ISSN 1819-3358/DO1:10.3923/ajt.2012.32.43

Books & Book Chapters

  • Creative Economy in East Africa: Leveraging Technology and Marketing for Growth. A book chapter in the Handbook on the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the underserved: BER, UK – in print 2021- Book chapter Kisato J.Busolo H. & Khama A.
  • AI, Automation and the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Underserved: A literature review on the gains, losses and opportunities: A book chapter in the handbook for the future of work and entrepreneurship for the Underserved by CBER, UK (2021- Kisato, J., Rolle, J.D. Hanah Thu Hanh Tran and   William Viet Tran)
  • University-Based Business Incubation and Entrepreneurial Training Initiatives as an Intervention for Urban Youth Unemployment: The Case of Kenyatta University, Kenya. A Book Chapter in the Organization of Social Science Researchers of Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) Publication (by Mwangi P.Wanderi, Jacqueline Kisato & Gladys W. Mwangi http://ossrea.net/publications/images/introduction-urban-youth-unemployment.pdf


Newspaper and other articles

Conference & webinar Presentations 

  • 25th-28th June 2023: Conference presentation: Isolation and functionalization of carrageenan produces a composite with increased swelling capacity: Munyiri C.N. Madivoli E.S. Kisato J. & Kareru P.G under the RSIF funded project
  • 24 May 2023, Webinar presentation: Guest speaker on experiential learning in entrepreneurship: Promoting Innovation, Employability and Entrepreneurship among Youth presented UNESCO-UNEVOC and HP Life Entrepreneurship Learning programme https://unevoc.unesco.org/home/HP+LIFE+Entrepreneurship+Learning+for+UNEVOC+Centres
  • Jan-April 2023: Multidisciplinary nature- Emma Velasova-visiting Masters Student research affiliate in the NRF and RSIF funded projects. A Masters student from Leiden University, the Netherlands visited Kenyatta University, collected data and published her thesis: Research area: Socio-cultural aspects of menstruation.
  • March 2022- Seminar Presentation- J. Kisato, Stephanie Musombi & Faustina Efema (Ghana) Italian Design Day: "Re-generation. Design and new technologies for a sustainable future". Presented at Kenyatta University seminar: Design and New Technologies for a Sustainable Future.
  • October 2021: J. Kisato, Chelule K, Kiprop A, Ochola J- Seminar presentation on Biodegradable packaging & sanitary towels Presented at Leiden University, Netherlands.
  • April 2020- J. D Rolle & Kisato J. The Future of Work and Entrepreneurship. CBER Conference, USA
  • April 2019 – J.D. Rolle & Jacqueline Kisato “The Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Underserved”. Presented at International Conference on Business & Economic Development in New York, USA.
  • April 2017-J.D.Rolle, Iris Billy, Jacqueline Kisato, Roberto Acevedo & Khasadyahu Zarbabal “The Cultural Genogram: Experiential Entrepreneurship through a Global lens.” Presented at the 6th International Conference on Business & Economic Development (ICBED), 10-11th April 2017, New York, USA
  • March 2017- Women Economic Forum- Paper presentation on Entrepreneurship at United Nations Church House conference in New York, USA.
  • November 2016- J.D.Rolle, Iris Billy, Jacqueline Kisato & Roberto Acevedo (2016) “Preparing Students for Entrepreneurship Careers.” presented in New YorkCity, USA.
  • June 2016-Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility with the Global Community (Collaborative Conference paper (USA, Kenya, Chile & Jamaica) presented at 4th International Academic Conference in Paris (IACP)-2016
  • May 2014- Wanderi, P., Kisato J. and Mwangi G. (2014) “University-Based Incubation and Entrepreneurial Training Initiatives as an Intervention for Urban Youth Unemployment: The Case of Kenyatta University, Kenya. “. Presented at Moi University on 5th-6th May 2014
  • May 2014-Kisato J., Wandaka I & Muigai D. (2014). “Utilisation of E-Marketing Strategies among Apparel MSEs in Nairobi, Kenya “. Presented at the Clothing Textile and Apparel conference in Bahir- Dar University, Ethiopia 1st-3rd May 2014.
  • 5 May 2014-Kisato J., Wandaka I & Muigai D. (2014).” Social Media Marketing among Fashion MSEs in Nairobi, Kenya”. Presented in the Clothing Textile and Apparel conference in Bahir- Dar University, Ethiopia 1st-3rd May 2014.
  • Education and Innovation in the Digital Age: Synergizing Technology and the Business of Learning. A paper presented at Kenya Institute of Education (KIE), June 2011.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Lead PI  2024- ongoing: CODESRIA Advanced Senior Research Grants: Fashion Graduate Transition into the Work Environment in an AI Dispensation: Comparative Study for Kenya and Ghanaian Fashion Graduates.  PI: Dr. J. Kisato; Dr. G. Mbugua (Kenyatta University, Kenya) and Dr Emefa F.Agordah & Prof. Kweku Safo-Ankama (Takoradi Technical University, Ghana
  • Lead PI 2022-2024: PASET Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund -Enhancing Biodegradable Sanitary Towel Production through Utilization of Seaweed and Banana Pseudo stem Residues: A Value Addition Strategy. PI: Jacqueline Kisato. Co-PIs: Edwin Madivoli(JKUAT), Prof. Kareru(JKUAT), E.Wanzala(KU), G. Yahaya(Busitemi University-Uganda)
  • Lead PI- 2020-2024- August 2020. Multidisciplinary project- Developing Biodegradable packaging and sanitary towels. Developing business models for entrepreneurs in this sector. PI: Jacqueline Kisato (KU), Prof A. Kiprop(Moi Univ), Dr. K. Chelule(KIRDI) & Dr. J.Ochola(Moi Univ).
  • Co-PI- 2018- December 2017: National Phytotherapeutics Research, Upscaling and Quality Assurance Centre.In The Science and Research Park at Kenyatta University PI: Prof. Nicholas Kamindu Gikonyo. Co-PIs: Ethel Oranga Monda, Dr. Jacqueline Kisato Dr. George K. Kosimbei Elias Onyango Ako.

National and International Appointments

  • 2015- ongoing: Master Trainer Student Training for Student Training on Entrepreneurial Promotion  STEP(Africa) in partnership with Leuphana University, Germany & UNESCO.
  • Feb -2023-Research Affiliate supervisor: Emma Velasova- Masters student from Leiden University collecting data in NRF and RSIF-funded projects.


  • June 2020Best paper presented- Rolle, J.D., Kisato, J., Rock, P. and Winstanley, J. Inclusive Entrepreneurship: A Critical Look at Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. Presented at the CBER conference in the UK.
  • May 2014- Best Paper Presenter: Kisato J. National Commission for Science Technology & Innovation (NACOSTI) 3rd National Science Technology and Innovation Week: “Employment Creation through Innovation, Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship Promotion: A Case of Kenyatta University
  • Trainer Google Online Marketing Challenge 2013- Regional finalist in Africa & Middle East
    Knowledge Partner –You WinAwards 2013:  You WinAwards.com

Administrative positions held to date

  • March 2024- ongoing: Chairperson Department of Fashion Design and Marketing
  • 2023- ongoing: Board Member: National Phytotherapeutics Research Centre(Kenyatta University)