The Department of Music and Dance, within the School of Creative Arts, Film & Media Studies, is the oldest university music department in the country and still continues to be the premier learning institution with regards to the education in music as well as music education. Currently the department offers Undergraduate degree programs in Bachelor of Music (BMus), Bachelor of Music Technology (BMus- Tech), and Bachelor of Education – Arts (Music) (offered through the School of Education). Together with these, the department offers Certificate in Music and Diploma in Music, which caters for those who are talented and participate in some music activity but missed the required cut-off marks in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) to join the university degree programs. However, upon successful progression from the Certificate and/or the Diploma programs, students are viable to join the degree programs. All these programs offer a wide range of musical experiences and knowledge while in a conducive academia environment. Students in the department have the opportunity to not only gain knowledge of music from theory to application, but also learn a western instrument, traditional Kenyan instrument and participate in traditional and modern/contemporary dances from Kenya and the region.

Furthermore, the Department of Music and Dance offers Post Graduate programs in Master of Music, Master of Musical Arts, Master of Music Education, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctorate in Musical Arts (DMA).

The department boasts of a world class faculty ranging from Full Professors to Music Instructors in both African and Western instruments. The curriculum taught at the Department of Music and Dance is tailor made to prepare the musician to best fit and significantly impact most, if not all, of the sectors within the Music Industry in Kenya and beyond.

 Career Opportunities: 
There are numerous opportunities in the music field or industry. The students who pursue a Bachelor of Education- Arts (Music) option are mainly destined for the teaching profession in both Private and Public schools. Those pursuing Bachelor of Music ( BMus) are poised to be great music performers, teachers, church musicians, music producers, music / band/ artist managers,  and music consultants in both private and public institutions or companies. Those students pursuing Bachelor of Music Technology (BMus- Tech) are poised for Music production, Studio Engineering and Managing, Sound Producers, Music Technology and Software engineers, Audio-Visual engineers and technicians, Recording Artists, and many other fields that incorporate music with technology. Others continue with graduate studies, post graduate studies and post doctoral work in the field of Academia within institutions of higher learning.

The music department is housed at the Former Old Education Complex, in the Main Campus of Kenyatta University, off Thika Superhighway – approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Nairobi city CBD. The following facilities are housed at the department:

  1. Lecture/ Class rooms: there are 2 medium sized rooms that are used for lectures, with 2 smaller sized rooms for smaller sized classes (10-15pax)
  2. Computer Lab: The department has a computer lab with a total of 15 computers available for students to use for computer aided compositions as well as studio Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) software.
  3. Resource Room: This room houses the music ‘library’ as well as storage of the musical instruments.
  4. Digital Keyboard Lab: The keyboard lab hosts 8 digital keyboards that are interconnected to allow for multiple piano/keys lessons. The keyboards have the option of connecting an external laptop for keyboard-enabled compositions. This was through a generous donation by the Polish Government through the Polish Embassy in Kenya.
  5. Studio Recording Teaching Room: This is a recent creation that enables students to learn about studio techniques in a ‘lecture’ setting prior to engaging in hands on experience.
  6. Music Recording Studio: This is a fully-established recording studio that is used for students to gain hands on experience with regards to all aspects of music recording processes.
  7. Band Room: This is a room set up with standard contemporary band equipment, that enables students’ bands and ensembles to rehearse regularly.
  8. Rehearsal Rooms: There are 2 rooms, with working pianos/ keyboards that are used for individual instrumental lessons and practice.

Academic Faculty

African Music Demonstrators

  • Mr. Japheth Blasto 
  • Mr. Barisa Dhidha
  • Mr. Dominic Ogari

  • Geofrey Aswani - Music Technician




The department of music and dance has several ensembles that are available for students to join and to participate. These ensembles provide opportunities for students to enhance their musical experience at KU, with a wider range of repertoire, that helps the students in appreciating and participating in all sorts and genres of music. The different ensembles include:


Affiliate Groups:

1. Almasi Chorale

2. Rambolo Dancers

3.KU Staff Choir

4. KU Staff Band

  • Certificate of Music
  • Diploma in music


  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Education (Arts- Music)
  • Bachelor of Music (Technology)


  • Master of Music Education
  • Master of Musical Arts ( Performance; Composition)
  • Master of Arts ( Ethnomusicology; African Music)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) (in Music Education, Music Performance or  African Music, Ethnomusicology, Musicology)