Kenyatta University Economics Students Association (KUESA) is a conglomeration of students studying economics and also those interested in economic affairs. It operates in conjunction with the school of Economics under which it falls.
It was established with the theme of promoting students’ intellectual welfare which is achieved through its various activities.
Its running of affairs is overseen by a patron who is also the current Director of School of Economics under whom there is an executive committee:

We are committed to our Vision of “Nurturing world class economic leaders who can confront conventional thinking to deliver solutions to the economic challenges of the new millennium”.

Our Mission is to “create an enabling and challenging environment for accomplishment of academic, professional and social pursuits for everyone interested in economic affairs through facilitation of internships, seminars and career talks.”


  1. To further academic and professional knowledge through academic and professional discourses.
  2. To facilitate linkage between the theoretical knowledge and the practical industry applications through facilitation of internships and attachments.
  3. To promote and facilitate effective communication and understanding of economics through research and whenever possible, publications in form of newsletters and other documentations.
  4. To promote a cordial students-lecturer relationship.
  5. To promote personal and social development of members through participation in activities such as community outreach
  6. To sharpen skills and awareness of members in the wake of a competitive and rewarding labour market.


After carrying out a careful situational analysis we have identified various key areas that will enable us meet our vision and achieve our plans and it is from these areas that we plan our activities:

  • Link our members to the job market.
  • Liaise with the corporate world through research, extension and other activities.
  • Social responsibility.   
  • Increase our resource base.
  • Continuous improvement of our club image.
  • Link with Economic clubs from other Universities and educational institutions.




Geoffery  Njaramba
KUESA Chairman,

Fourth year student, Bachelor of Economics and Finance

A massage from the Chairman.

" KUESA has given me an opportunity to impact lives through community service. It has also given me an arena to transform ideas from imaginations to practical application. It has also built my confidence through interaction with students and corporates. It is the only association i would recommend any student interested in Economics affairs to join. KUESA is also a hub for employees and entrepreneurs.  "


In realizing our vision and mission and in line with our objectives, we have formulated a strategic plan that captures in a wide perspective, ways of attaining a world class status. Indeed at KUESA we work towards creativity, self-reliance and innovativeness as envisaged in KU’s values.

As stated earlier, the work plan will be realized through active support and participation of all stakeholders in carrying out all activities as stipulated. The main bodies overseeing this plan are:

School of Economics, headed by Dean/patron KUESA.

•Deans of Students Affairs

•KUESA Executive Committee-officials.

•Centre for Career Development and Placement programs.


 Activities for Academic Year 2019/2020

  • Registration of first years and orientation
  • Corporate visits
  • Social talk
  • Fundraising
  • Community Service/outreach.
  • Coffee evening
  • Careers Day
  • KUESA team building ( fun day)
  • Public Lecture
  • Students National Economics Symposium
  • Annual Interactive Dinner
  • AGM/Elections

Other Unscheduled Events

  • Outreach programs with corporate organizations.
  • Social Days with corporate organizations.
  • Talks and Discussions with Alumni (mentorship program).
  • Presentations by members during meetings.
  • Website Launch.
  • Purchase of office equipment e.g. a computer, a printer, a permanent mobile phone etc.
  • Acquiring an office space in KU.

Kenyatta University Economics Students Association (KUESA)
P.O. BOX 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
TEL 81901-19/812722 EXT:57465
Mobile: 0712596809, 0711253732 
Fax :811242/811575
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.