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Course Structure
First Year
Core Units
EET 500 Microeconomic Theory I
EET 501 Macroeconomic Theory I
EET 502 Microeconomic Theory II (prerequisite: ETH 500)
EET 503 Macroeconomic Theory II (prerequisite: ETH 501)
EES 500 Econometrics I
EES 501 Econometrics II (prerequisite: EES 500)
EET 505 Theory of Finance
EAE 500 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Second Year
Core Units
EAE 501 Economic Research Methodology
EAE 513 International Finance
EAE 516 Corporate Finance and Investment
EAE 544 Research Project (Equivalent to four units)
One unit to be selected from the pool of electives below (Excluding EAE 522)

Pool of Electives
EAE 502 Planning Techniques
EAE 503 Monetary Theory and Policy
EAE 504 International Trade
EAE 505 Public Sector Economics
EAE 506 Labour and Manpower Economics
EAE 507 Agricultural Economics
EAE 508 Transport Economics
EAE 511 Economics of Land and Water Resource Management
EAE 513 International Finance
EAE 514 Financial Analysis
EAE 515 Economics of Asset Pricing
EAE 517 Economics of Entrepreneurial Finance
EAE 520 Economics of Financial Markets
EAE 519 Farms, Firms and Livelihoods
EAE 520 Financial Reforms and Macroeconomic Policies
EAE 521 Labour Markets and Social Policies
EAE 522 International Trade, Aid and Finance
EAE 523 Economics of Global Food Security
EAE 525 Political Economy
EAE 526 Management Accounting and Control
EAE 527 Economic Regulation and Competition Policy
EAE 528 Strategic Planning and Management
EAE 529 Financial Management for Policy Making
EAE 530 Public Policy
EAE 533 Health Policy and Planning (prerequisite
EAE 535 Monitoring and Evaluation in Primary Health Care
EAE 536 Agricultural Systems for Rural Development
EAE 537 African Land Questions
EES 508 Applied Econometrics for Finance (Prerequisite ETH 505 and EAE 518)
EES 509 Econometrics for Environmental Valuation (Prerequisite EAE 509)
EES 510 Quantitative Methods in Health Economics
EET 506 Game Theory and Information Economics
HPH 700 Medical Statistics