Prof Nelson 2The School of Economics in conjunction with KUESA (Kenyatta University Economics Association) held orientation for 1st year students for the May intake on 3rd June, 2015 at SOE 3. The students got a chance to interact with members of the faculty as well as Kuesa officials. The Dean, School of Economics- Prof. Nelson Wawire was the Chief Guest at the event. The Dean welcomed the students and explained to them the structure of the School that consists of three departments, Economic Theory- K14 & K14S, Applied Economics- K16 & K16S, Econometrics and Statistics- K24 & K24S. He introduced the Chairmen of departments, who thereafter introduced their staff and gave an overview of units offered in each department. The Chairmen urged the students to work hard and avoid any form of exam irregularity as it would lead to discontinuation from the University. The Chair- Applied Economics emphasized on the need for students to take units as per the university catalogue and stick to their respective groups as allocated for lectures and exams to avoid the issue of missing marks. She also advised them to ensure that good grades are accompanied by practical knowledge.
The Dean in his speech welcomed the students, he congratulated them for attaining the grade required to be admitted to the School. He emphasized on the need to avoid all types of exam irregularities. He explained the role of the School, that is to train economists who are meant to work in financial institutions, non-government bodies (ngo’s), government ministries, other state bodies, county governments and international bodies. He urged them to work hard and get 1st Class honors that is a mean grade of 70% and above for the 48 units the student is required to take in order to graduate. He explained further that 60-69.99 is second class honors upper division which is also acceptable, 50-59.99 is second class lower division, 40-49.99 is a pass and the student would find it difficult to get employment and lastly 49.99 and below is a fail which means the student will not graduate. On social life, he advised the students to handle their freedom wisely and make the right decisions. The Dean emphasized the role of teaching assistants, that is to coach students on the areas that they do not understand and encouraged the 1st years to make full use of them. In conclusion the Dean encouraged the students to endeavor to finish their Bachelor’s degree and come back for their Masters in order to become more marketable in the high competitive job market.