Three students (Joshua Mogela, Jefferson Mwangi and Margaret Mutua) and one staff (Dr.Gachanja) from the School of Economics, Kenyatta University were beneficiaries of Erasmus + Mobility Programme.
The programme ran for four (4) months from 19th September 2017 to 31st January 2018. The students took units in that University and the credits earned will be transferred to their accounts at Kenyatta University.
The learning entailed class presentation which made them confident and in addition to improving their presentation skills. Their eloquence and proficiency in English amazed many and severally they received questions such as “does everyone in Kenya speak in English?” .The students got an opportunity to learn how to use economic software in their courses.
The students got a chance to interact with other students and people from different countries around the world and this helped them to gain multi-cultural experience. In addition, the students had a chance of participating in the annual KPMG Slovensko Ace the Case Workshop. They worked in teams trying to solve business case studies and come up with viable solutions and present them before a panel of judges. The students learned and understood team work dynamics and were able to apply economic and financial knowledge during the fair.
At first the students experienced language barrier problems but with time they were able to overcome the challenge. They also managed to enjoy some of the Slovak dishes and be with the people during the festive seasons.
The students enjoyed the free time away from class visiting the neighbouring countries, learning their social and economic systems. They visited Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. The students observed an economic and political union at work. They had so much to learn and are looking forward to implementing it in the future. The exchange has transformed them since it was mind opening and they are all looking forward for further study abroad.
The students register their appreciation to School of Economics, Kenyatta University and the Centre for International Programs and Collaborations for the opportunity to represent the school, the university and the country.
The team encourages students to continue working hard and never lose focus.
As the old adage goes, ‘hard work pays.’