Position: Lecturer
Department: Economic Theory
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi
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Dr.Mugendi is a lecturer in the school of Economics, department of Economic Theory. He obtained his Bachelorof Arts degree in Economics from Egerton University, masters of Arts in Economics from University of Nairobi and His PhD at Kenyatta University. Currently he is the school of Economics coordinator at Kitui campus. He has over 10 years teaching experience, teaching in the department of Economic theory, applied Economics and econometric and statistics department.
Dr. Mugendi is an expert in both Micro and Macroeconomic Theory, his main area of interest is international economics, specifically foreign investment, domestic firm’s productivity and poverty reduction in the country where he has published a lot and presented papers in this area. He has also been heavily involved in supervision of both masters and PhD students in the school of economics.


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  • Mugendi, C.N and Njuru S.(2016): Foreign Direct Investment Spillovers on Domestic firms; A case of Kenya’s domestic firms. Journal of economics and development studies . (Publication is in the final stages of publication)
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Conferences/Workshop/Seminar Presentation

  1. 9th Sep 2019: Attended Northern Regional Consultative Forum on enhancing the impact of Christian Faculty, Staff and Post – graduate students in universities and colleges at Kenyatta University.
  2. 3rd July 2019, Attended workshop on capacity building training workshop on collaborations and partnership at Kenyatta University, (KUCC)
  3. Labour Diversity and Domestic Firms Productivity”, paper presented at an international workshop organized by African growth network in conjunction with Daystar University and University of Nottingham at Weston Hotel, Kenya from 24th to 28th August 2015.
  4. 24th June 2016; Represented Dean School of Economics on launch of Africa Economic outlook organized by UNDP and ADB at university of Nairobi.
  5. 3rd July 2016: Represented Dean School of Economics on launch of emerging economies in Africa at African Development Bank.
  6. 8th March 2002: Attended workshop on poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) at NEW Stanley hotel organized by Kenya Economic Association (KEA)
  7. 21st May 2002: Attended JITAP National Workshop on WTO negotiations on Agriculture at Panafric hotel, Nairobi