Position: Lecturer
Department: Economic Theory
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi
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Phone: (+)254 020 8710901-10 Ext.3606


Dr. Julius Kipkemoi Korir lectures in the School of Economics, Kenyatta University. He holds a Ph.D in Economics, MA (Economics) and BA (Economics and Business Studies) from Kenyatta Univerity, Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Korir is an established Health Policy Researcher and Analyst based in Kenya, and has worked extensively within the health systems of sub Saharan African countries. His main interests revolve around costing of health interventions. Dr. Korir is also the School of Economics examination coordinator and the Department's ISO coordinator. He has been involved in several occassions in the review of health economics curricular for Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC). He recently attended the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Africa (ICASA) in Dakar Senegal. Dr. Korir is a member of Health Economics and Policy Network in Africa (HEPNet).

Selected Publications

  1. Korir, J.K., 2003, "Safety Nets in Kenya's Public Health Sector; more isights into waivers and exemptions" IPAR Discussion Paper No. 039/2003 (ISBN 9966-948-51-1)
  2. Korir,J.K., et-al, 2000, "Decentralisation and Health Systems Development, The Question of Planning Budgeting and Financial Structures" IPAR Discussion Paper (ISBN 9966-948-96-1)
  3. Korir,J.K., et-al, 1997, Public Health Sector Efficiency in Kenya; Estimation and Policy implications. IPAR Discussion Paper