The Department through the Directorate of teacher education has developed a very unique but useful course for assessors. Assessment of children and youth with special needs is a crucial component in education for learners with special needs. The Department appreciates what the Ministry of Education has done so far in ensuring that children and youth are assessed in the Educational Assessment and Resource Centres (EARCs) for better placement and intervention. To improve on the assessment of children and youth the department has developed a two year Postgraduate Diploma course in Psycho-Educational Assessment. The course targets the following graduates:

      • Those with Bachelor of Education and Master of Education in Special Needs Education.
      • Bachelor of Education and Master of Education –
      • Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Guidance and Counselling.
      • Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in Sociology.
      • Doctors and Nurses, social workers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists with first degree.
      • Most importantly we are encouraging all the assessment teachers in educational assessment and Resource Centres (EARCs) to take this course in order to improve their services

Entry Requirements
Candidate for Postgraduate Diploma in Assessment must satisfy the minimum entrance requirements or any of the following:

      • B.Ed or M.Ed in Special Needs Education
      • B.Ed or M.Ed
      • B.A or M.A in Counselling Psychology or Clinical Psychology
      • M.Ed in guidance and counselling
      • B.A or M.A in Sociology
      • Social workers, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists
      • Doctors and Nurses

Duration of the Programme
To qualify for the postgraduate diploma the students will undertake the diploma for one year. In order to graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Psycho-educational assessment the student must have studied and passed all the 14 units in addition to the project and internship which carry 2 units each making a total of 18 units.

Mode of Study
The course will be offered in the following modes:

      • Full time
      • Full time: Institutional Based
      • Evenings and Saturdays


      • May (Trimester)
      • September (Regular)
      • August (Institutional Based)


The Department has revised the Masters program and the courses will be offered soon. It includes a masters with theses with 10 units and masters with project with 14 units.


      • September (Regular)
      • April (Institutional Based)

The department has been offering PhD without coursework but now PhD coursework is at an advanced level. It is hoped that by next year the curriculum will be in place.


      • May (Trimester)
      • September (Regular)