Entry Requirements
i.    Holders of Bachelor of Education Degree in related field, with at least Second Class
Honours (Upper Division) or equivalent from Kenyatta University or any recognized institution.
ii.    Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they
have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.

Coursework, Examination and Thesis/Project Certification – Master of Education (M.Ed.) Unit Titles and Codes
Common Units for all Masters Courses ECC 800: Research Methods in Education ECC 802: Educational Statistics
EFN 800: Research Project/Thesis (Year 2)
EFN 801: Contemporary themes in Education

History of Education
Core Units
EFN 802: Evolution of Western Education System
EFN 803: Selected Themes in the History of Education Systems
EFN 804: Pre-Colonial Education in Africa
EFN 805: Education in Africa
EFN 806: Education in Kenya in the Colonial Period
EFN 807: Contemporary History of Education in Kenya

EFN 808: Education and Pastrolasm in Africa
EFN 809: Technical Education in Africa
EFN 810: Politics and Education in Africa

EFN 811: Education for Marginalised and Minority groups
EFN 812: Teacher Education in Africa
EFN 813: History of Educational Ideas
EFN 814: Higher Education in Africa, Africanism and Development

Sociology of Education and Policy Studies
Core Units
EFN 815: Social Sciences and Education
EFN 816 African Social Structures
EFN 817: Motivation and Social Achievement EFN 818: Education and the Socialization Process EFN 819: Society, Development and Education EFN 520: Sociology Education and Social Policy

EFN 821: Sociology of Professions
EFN 822: Gender and Education
EFN 823: Social Work and Education
EFN 824: Health and Education
EFN 825: Education, Democracy and Schooling
EFN 826: Adult, Continuing and Lifelong Education
EFN 827: Family life Education and Social Development

Philosophy of Education
Core units
EFN 828: Epistemology and education EFN 829: Metaphysics and education EFN 830: Ethics and education
EFN 831: Philosophical Psychology
EFN 832: Logic and Education
EFN 833: Educational and Philosophical thought in Africa

EFN 834: Education and Democracy
EFN 835: Knowledge and the Curriculum EFN 836: Philosophy, Gender and Education EFN 837: Philosophy of Teaching and Learning EFN 838: Indigenous Knowledge and Education EFN 840: Medical Ethics and Education
EFN 841: Education for Human Liberation

Comparative Education and International Studies
Core Units
EFN 842: Introduction to comparative education
EFN 843: Comparative study of systems of education
EFN 844: Basic concept in Economic and education
EFN 845: Education for resourcefulness for rural regions
EFN 846: Politics, Citizenship and Education
EFN 847: Educations, Law and Policy Analysis
EFN 848: Education for Leadership: Comparative Perspectives
EFN 849: Teacher education in a comparative perspective
EFN 850: Adult education and lifelong learning
EFN 851: Comparative Perspectives of Indigenous Education EFN 852: Educational management for disadvantaged groups EFN 853: Education for school governance
EFN 854: Education for conflict management EFN 855: Education systems and innovation EFN 856: Education, market and globalization
EED 800: Education for Sustainable Development

Health Education
Core Units
ECC 800: Research Methods in Education
ECC 802: Educational Statistics
EFN 800: Research Project/Thesis
EFN 801: Contemporary Themes in Education
EFN 858: Theories of Health Education
EFN 859: Health Education Approaches in the curriculum
EFN 860: Participatory Health education and Community mobilization in health education
EFN 861: Health Education Programs
EFN 862: Health, Education and Gender issues
EFN 863: Public: Health Education

EFN 864: Teacher Developments in Health Education
EFN 865: Principles of Community and Participatory Health Education
EFN 866: Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Health Education
EFN 867: Health promotion, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Health Education
EFN 868: HIV/AIDS Education and Sexuality Education
EFN 869: Principles of Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Education
EFN 870: Social and Behavioural Dimensions of Health
EFN 871: Values and Ethical Issues in Social Science Research
EFN 872: International Health Care Systems
EFN 873: Health Education Action Research and Community Advocacy

Higher Education
EFN 874: Foundations of Higher Education
EFN 875: Higher Education, Africanization and African Development
EFN 876: Governance Models and the Management of Higher Education Systems
EFN 877: Emerging Issues and Trends in Higher Education
EFN 878: Knowledge Production and Consumption in African Universities
EFN 879: Women and Gender Studies in Higher Education
EFN 880: Higher Education and Student Welfare

EFN 881: Emerging and contemporary issues in Higher Education
EFN 882: Trends in Globalization and Higher Education
EFN 883: Issues in the Public and Private Provision of Higher Education
EFN 884: Higher Education, Democracy and Citizenship
EFN 885: Higher Education Planning in Developing Countries EFN 886: Higher Education, science, technology and Innovation EFN 887: Higher Education, Research and Knowledge Production