Unit Codes and Titles
ECT 801: Foundations of Educational Technology and Instructional Design
ECT 802: New Trends in Education
ECT 803: Design and Production of Educational Media
ECT 804: Management of Learning Resources ECC 800: Research Methods in Education ECC 802: Educational Statistics
ECT 806: The Nature of Social Studies
ECT 807: Program, Innovation & Learner Participation in Social Studies
ECT 808: Objectives and Content in History Education
ECT 809: Methods, Aims and Resource in History Education
ECT 810: Objectives and Content in Geography Education
ECT 811: Methods, Aids and Resources in Geography Education
ECT 812: Objectives and Content in Religious Education
ECT 813: Methods, Aids and Resources in Religious Education ECT 814: Objectives and Content in Social Education and Ethics ECT 815: Language and Society
ECT 816: Language in Education
ECT 817: English Course Design and Development ECT 818: Innovation in English Language Education ECT 819: Kozi na Ufundishaji
ECT 820: Lugha na Fasihi
ECT 821: Foreign Language Learning Theory
ECT 823: Foundations of Science Education
ECT 824: Approaches and Methods of Teaching Science ECT 825: Nature, Aims and Methods of Teaching Biology ECT 826: New Trends in Biology Education
ECT 827: Methods and Trends in Physics
ECT 828: Strategies for Course Development, Analysis and Assessment in Physics
ECT 829: Design and Methods in Chemistry Education
ECT 830: Assessment and Laboratory Management
ECT 831: Nature, Aims and Roles of Mathematics Education
ECT 832: Methods of Teaching Mathematics
ECT 833: Classroom Climate, Resources and the Social Context of Mathematics Learning
ECT 834: Application of Mathematics in Daily Life ECT 835: Home Economics Curriculum Development ECT 836: Methods in Home Economics Education
ECT 837: Design, Production and Use of Resources in Home Economics
ECT 838: Innovation in Home Economics Education
ECT 839: Principles of Business Education
ECT 840: Business Curriculum, Methods and Resources
ECT 841: Business, Finance and Accounting
ECT 842: Management and Management Science
ECT 843: Office Management and Management Information Systems
ECT 845: Objectives and Content in Economics Education
ECT 846: Methods, Aids and Resources in Economics Education
ECT 847: Physical Education in Daily Life: Aims and Curriculum in Schools
ECT 848: Methods of Teaching /Learning
ECT 849: Resources, Equipment and Aids in Physical Education
ECT 850: Innovation in Physical Education Programmes
ECT 851: Music in Society
ECT 852: Aims and Methods of Teaching Music
ECT 853: Collection, Adaptation, Production and Use of Resources in Music Education
ECT 854: Innovation in Music Education
ECT 855: Foundation of Art and Design Education ECT 856: Art and Design Curriculum and Methods ECT 557: Resources for Teaching Art and Design ECT 858: Innovation in Art and Design Education
ECT 859: Audio-Visual Instruction: Methods, Media and Technology
ECT 860: Distance Teaching
ECT 861: Research and Script Writing for Media
ECT 862: Human Communication