Entry Requirements

The common regulations for all Master’s Degrees in the University shall apply. The general regulations for all Master’s Degree in the School of Education shall apply. The following shall be eligible for registration for M.Ed. in the Department:

i.   A holder of Bachelor of Education Degree in related field,with at least Second Class Honours(Upper Division)orequivalent fromKenyatta University orany recognized institution.

ii.  Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they haveGrade “C”andabove in units relevant to their areasofspecialization.

iii. A holder of Bachelor degree with postgraduate diploma in education from Kenyatta

University orany other recognizeduniversity.


The course will be evaluated as follows: A minimum of two CATs scored out of 30% and the University examinations scored out of 70%. Total score shall be 100%. Grading will be done as follows: 70% and above (A); 60-69% (B); 50-59% (C); Below 50% (D) - fail)


Master of Education (Educational Psychology)

UnitCodes andTitle

ECC 802: Educational Statistics

EPS 800: Child Development

EPS 801: Human Learning and Classroom Processes

EPS 802: Educational Measurement

EPS 803: Psychological Testing

EPS 804: Guidance and Counselling In Education

EPS 806: Computer Applications in Behavioural Statistics

EPS 807: Group Dynamics

EPS 808: Adolescent Psychology

EPS 809: Personality Dynamics and Behavioural Adjustments

EPS 810: Cognitive Processes

EPS 811: Theories of Child Development

EPS 813: Thesis-8 Units