Entry Requirement
i.    Kenyatta University regulations for Masters Degree shall apply.
ii.    A holder of Bachelor of Education Degree in related field, with at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or equivalent from Kenyatta University or any recognized institution.
iii.    Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they
have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.
iv.    A holder of Bachelor’s degree with postgraduate diploma in education from Kenyatta
University or any other recognized university.

The course will be evaluated as follows: A minimum of two CATs scored out of 30%. University examinations scored out of 70%, 70%-100% (A) 60%-69% (B) 50% -59% (C), below 50% (fail)

Unit Code and Title
ECC 800: Research Methods in Education
ECC 802: Educational Statistics
APS 805: Theories of Counselling
APS 808: Marital and Family Therapy
APS 813: Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy
APS 814: Loss and Grief Counselling
EPS 813: Thesis (8) Units EPS 823 Project (4) Units EPS 824: Practicum Report
EPS 825: Guidance Practice in Schools
EPS 827: Theories of Personality
EPS 828: Counselling Practicum
EPS 830: Theories of Career Development
EPS 831: Abnormal Psychology
EPS 837: Organizational/Industrial Psychology
EPS 839: Human Sexuality
EPS 843: Counselling Supervision