Entry Requirements
In order to qualify for admission for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Psychology
of Kenyatta University, the candidates must meet the following academic and professional requirements. The common regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy degree of Kenyatta University. The common regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the school of Education.
Meet the following departmental requirements:
i.            Be holder of a Masters of Education degree of Kenyatta University or its equivalent
from other recognized institutions of higher learning
ii.           Must have covered at-least five (5) Units at Med level in the area of specialization with a
B and above or equivalent grade.
iii.         Must show ability to undertake academic research in the area of specialization.

Programme duration
The course will take four years

Examination Regulations
All courses shall be examined at the end of the semester in which they are taken. The examination shall consist of University examination, which will constitute 50 percent and continuous assessment, which shall constitute 50 percent.  The pass mark shall be set at 50 percent. Student who fails to satisfy the board of examiners in one or two units in any one semester shall be allowed to take a supplementary examination in the failed unit. Students who fail in more than two units in any one semester shall be discontinued.
All students will be required to sit for oral comprehensive examination at the end of the trimester
in order to qualify for doctoral degree candidacy.

Grading system
70 %– 100 %( A) Distinction, 60%-69% (B) Credit, 50% – 59 %( C) Pass, Below 50(D) Fail

Certification: Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Psychology)

Unit Codes and Titles
EPS 900: Statistics and Computer Applications
EPS 901: Educational Psychology
EPS 902: Research Methods
EPS 903: Developmental Psychology
EPS 905: Educational Tests and Measurement
EPS 906: Scientific Writing and Publication in Educational Psychology
EPS 907: Human Learning
EPS 908: Mental Health and Learning
EPS 909: Theories of Guidance and Counselling
EPS 910: Moral and Ethical Controversies in Human Life Span
EPS 912: Educational Guidance and Counselling
EPS 913: Cognitive Psychology
EPS 915: Social Psychology of Education
EPS 916: Thesis