Entry Requirements
The common regulations for all Bachelor’s degrees of Kenyatta University shall apply. The
following shall be eligible for registration:-
i.    School leavers with the minimum university admission requirements or equivalents. ii.    Mean grade of C+ (Plus) at KCSE OR Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent
with a Diploma in Library Science or Records and Archives Management. OR Mean grade of C- at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited Institutions.
iii.    Holders of the  KNEC Diploma in Library and Information Science, Diploma in Archives and Records Management or its equivalent with an overall pass of credit or distinction or a pass with two years relevant experience

Course Structure
All courses are taught in units.  A unit is defined as equivalent to 35 one-hour lectures.  For this purpose a one hour lecture is equivalent to two hours of tutorial or three hours practicals. Level
100 students shall be expected to take three university common units. Students shall also take ten
departmental units.
Level 200 students shall take a total of 13 units.Level 300 students shall take 13 units including internship.  All candidates   shall be required to take the internship during the Level 300 before taking the 4th year units. The internship shall take twelve weeks.  During this period the student will be supervised and assessed. Level 400 students shall take a total of 13 units. Students shall be expected to pass 52 units to graduate.

 Programme Structure
Students shall take units as indicated below:

UCU’S (3 units), Education Units (16 units), Teaching Practice (2 units), Major subject (16 units), Minor subject (8 units), Library science units (11 units), Total units (56)

Unit Code and Title
ISC 102: Cataloguing 1
ISC 103: Classification I
ISC 104: Cataloguing & Indexing
ISC 105: Classification II
ISC 107: Publishing & Book Trade
ISC 200: Sources of Bibliographic Information
ISC 206: Electronic Information Sources and Services
ISC 401: Collection Development ISC 402: Practical Cataloguing ISC 403: Practical Classification ISC 404: Digital Libraries