Kiende Hellen

Position: Lecturer
Department: Education Management ,Policy and Curriculum Studies
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Area of Specialization: Education Management
Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Conferences and Paper Presentations

  • September 2018-Presented a paper on the 5TH  international Annual. October conference.The Nexus between Mentorship and Female Mobility in school Leadership:Way forwad for Female Teachers Aspiring to Management positions
  • 2018 : Member of the Conference Planning Committee and Chair Budgetary Sub-Committee of the 5th international Annual October Conference on Education and Life Long Learning.
  • 2018:Presented a paper on the 3rd International Conference on Re-Waving Education to Meet the Demands of the 21st Century held between 19th to 21st September 2018.The Title of the paper: EFFECTIVENESS OF LEARNER SUPPORT SYSTEMS:A CASE OF OPEN UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA
  • 2018:Presented two papers in the Second Biennial conference organized by the Commission For University Education In Kenya held between 30th October to 2nd November 2018 at The School of Monetary studies. The papers presented were: UPTAKE OF TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING AND LEARNING:A CASE OF SCHOOL OF EDUCATION,KENYATTA UNIVERSITY .The second paper was: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS TO THE PROCESS OF SUPERVISION: EXPLORATION OF SUPERVISEE CHALLENGES
  • 2017 : Participated and presented a Paper in the 4th International Annual  Conference on Education and Life Long Learning Held on 5th to 6th October 2017 at the Kenyatta University Conference  center an presented a paper “ From content printouts to online interactive learning: exploring Kenyatta University students experiences of transformations in digital learning
  • 2017:Attended and facilitated the First Symposium Dialogue on Distance Education amongst Kenyan Universities held at KICD Nairobi Kenya between 29 and 30th of June 2017
  • 2017:  Attended presented a paper in an international conference in the University of Rwanda Scientific Conference Week between 14th to 16th June 2017 on Student Satisfaction with Learning experiences and its Association with willingness to be associated with higher learning institutions in Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana.
  • 2016: Attended  an  international  conference in Pretoria South Africa on learner support in distance and virtual education organized by the Common Wealth of Learning.
  • 2016 :  Presented a paper in the first Bi annual conference organized by the commission for university Education (Adequacy of Research methodology training among Post graduate students  in the school of Education Kenyatta university.
  • 2016:Presented a paper in the third international school of education conference held in Kenyatta university(Exclusive girls clubs, Networking as hindrance to upward mobility in the management of secondary schools at Kenyatta University
  • 2015 : Presented a paper in the 2nd International conference on Re- Engineering Education for Sustainable development(Organizational barriers influencing female mobility in the management of secondary schools in Meru ,machakos and Isiolo counties ,Kenya
  • 2014: Presented a paper in the 1st Annual Conference on Education and Lifelong  Learning Organizational barriers  and coping strategies influencing female mobility in the management of secondary schools in Meru ,Machakos and isiolo Counties,Kenya.
  • 2014 :Attended an International conference and training workshop on  Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management,Populatuion Dynamics, and Social vulnerability and protection(Dares salaam  organized by OSSREA)
  • 2014:Attended an International Conference on IT Application and Management.
  • 2012:Presented a paper in the 1st Annual International  Interdisciplinary conference on Africa’s Golden Jublee:Assessing 50 years of scholarship and development in Africa organized by department of Research of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.(Role of Research in informing the process of policy formulation)
  • 2012: Presented a paper in the international conference on Educational Reforms and Innovation in enhancing Quality and Equity
  • 2012 : Participated in  a study on Girl specific Education focus and boys participation, performance and construction of masculinities(FAWE)
  • 2012 : Participated in a National Policy Seminar on Decentralization in Education: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving  Success-The Kenyan Experience.
  • 2011  : Participated in Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty(RECOUP)
  • 2011:Participated in the International conference of the Association of Universities held at the Safari park hotel Kenya.

Research experience 

  • 2016  : Currently undertaking a research on Influence of social sciences research in informing policy formulation Funded by Kenyatta University Vice Chancellors research grant.
  • 2015 : Successfully conducted a research on Gender issues in Management specifically looking at the Organizational barriers and coping strategies influencing female mobility in the management of secondary schools inMeru,Machakos and Meru County.  
  • 2014  :Conducted A research on The Role of Research in informing Policy Formulation In Kenya.
  • 2012  : Conducted a study funded by FAWE on Girl Specific Focus and Boys Participation,Perfomance and construction of masculinities in selected Kenyan schools.
  • 2012: Participated in women empowerment and human rights training sponsored by the British Council.
  • 2010:Participated in a baseline Survey that was looking at the awareness levels for women in voting    in Meru County:
  • 2007-2012 :  Conducted a study funded by FAWE on Girl Specific Focus and Boys.Participation,Perfomance and construction of masculinities in selected Kenyan schools.

Professional body

  • DECEMBER 2018.Developing Blended Learning -STEL pathway accredited by STAFF AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION

  • AFELT - Association for Faculty Enrichment in Learning and Teaching.
  • KuQAn - Kenya Universities Quality Assurance Network

Duties and Responsibilities

  • 2018:Appointed School of Education Examination’s Coordinator in charge of ODEL
  • 2016:Appointed member of Alumni re-Union Planning Committee, Kenyatta University
  • 2015:Appointed Member of BOM ST MARYS GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL Egoji
  • 2015:Appointed Departmental Examination Coordinator in charge of undergraduate students (Department of Education Management, Policy and Curriculum studies..
  • 2014:Appointed member of the Departmental Quality Management Committee Team.
  • 2014:Appointed member of the Departmental welfare committee
  • 2013:Appointed BOM member Igandene Secondary school
  • 2011:Appointed Board management member of Lowerchure secondary school
  • 2010::Appointed the Chairperson of the Catering committee of Jamhuri high school
  • 2008:Appointed member of the Remedial committee
  • 2007:Appointed Teacher in charge of Bursaries
  • 2007:Involved in Scripting and editing Radio Programmes for secondary school broadcasting series at the KICD for History and Religious Studies
  • 2004:Appointed Member of the Disciplinary committee of Jamhuri high school