Senior Lecturer
Department: Special Needs Education
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi
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Phone Number: 0722557421

Area of Specialization

  • Special Education

Research Interests

  • Module Writing
  • Conference Papers Writing
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Publishing Conference Papers


  • 2011 – 2012 – Doctoral Graduation
  • 2nd March 2012 – Appointment on promotion to a full lecturer and permanent employment.


  • Stephen M. Nzoka, 2022: Special Needs Education, a human basic need. (To be published)
  • Stephen M. Nzoka, 2022: Effects of speech and language disorders
  • Stephen M. Nzoka, 2019, Inclusive Education for Persons with disabilities in Context of Social Change and Development in Kenya- A Case of Kenyatta University, International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science, ISSN: 2454-6186, pages 108-115 issue IV vol3.
  • Dr. Stephen Nzoka, 2014, Solidarity Forever: An Industrial Anthem for Kenyans, UASU Newsletter, April Edition
  • Dr Stephen M. Nzoka, 2014, Educational inclusion of persons with disabilities at Kentta University, Journal of Special Needs and Disability Studies, Nairobi Academic press
  • Dr S. M. Nzoka, 2014, Strike Only Viable Challenge to Impunity, UASU Newsletter, March Edition
  • 2009 Braille Learning, Publisher -Unizulu University
  • 2012 – English braille writing and reading competencies of primary school teachers in Kenya; implications for special need education. Publisher- Unizulu University.


  • Dr. Nzoka Stephen Musila,Dr. Ogogo, Prof. Mbugua, Dr. Elizabeth Mbugua: Facts about Autism (Ongoing)
  • Stephen M. Nzoka 2022: Disability is not Inability
  • Stephen M. Nzoka 2022: Experience is the Best Teacher - 1st Edition. ISBN:978-9914-741-60-5
  • Stephen M Nzoka, 2021, Human Growth and Development - 2nd Edition. ISBN:978-9966-132-07-9.  Editors:Prof Kamau,Dr. Onga`ang`a H.M Ouko,Dr.Joyce Achieng, Ms.Maritha Sikuku, Mr.John Y.Musila
  • Stephen M Nzoka, 2019, Human Development and Learning, Franciscan Kolbe Press, ISNB 978-9966-132-07-9

Conference Presentations

  • An Invitation as a guest speaker at an International conference to be held at Abuja Nigeria from 17th to 21st April 2024; Topic: Higher Education for Students with Special Needs Education: Kenyatta University experience, Kenya
  • Dr. Nzoka Stephen Musila: Participation  in The 9th International Annual School of Education and Lifelong Learning Hybrid Conference Held on 3rd - 4th October 2023 at Kenyatta University
  • Dr. Nzoka Stephen Musila: Participation in the IEP Fair on October 7, 2023, at Kenyatta University: Featuring valuable insight on the basics of an IEP Early Intervention and Mainstreaming Role of the Multidisciplinary Team Preparing Primitives Ready for learning Integration Policy
  • 7th - 8th Oct 2022: Kenyatta University International Conference - Special Needs Education, a human basic need.
  • 2nd -3rd June 2022: Participated in International Conference on Special Needs Education at Kenyatta University - Effects of Speech and language disorders
  • October 2021: Inclusivity of learners with Disability in Early Years of Education: A Case Study of Kiwanja Primary School, Nairobi City, Kenya.
  • 4th-5th Oct 2018: Curriculum reforms and teachers in service interventions for learners with special needs: Kenyatta University (KUCC).
  • 9th-11th February 2017, 6th East African International  Conference on Communication Disability, "Äctively aging with disabilities such as Aphasia:A Kenyan Situation", KUCC, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 28th-30th November, Pwani University, Mombasa Kenya- "Inclusive Education In the context of social change and development for persons with disabilities in Kenya: A case of Kenyatta University" 
  • 2016- NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INCLUSIVE EDUCATION 2016, 17th-18th March, KISE- "Incrusive Education In the context of social change and development for persons with disabilities in Kenya: A case of Kenyatta University" 
  • 2012 - National alcohol and drug abuse conference, 25th -27th Jan 2012, KIA. Paper presentation - “Alcohol and drug abuse interpretation and prevention; A society free from alcohol and drug abuse”
  • Braille Learning
  • The Teacher Role
  • Poverty Reduction

Workshops attended

  • International Conference on African Languages and Literatures ,6th-8th August 2014, Kenyatta University
  • Assistive Technology for persons with visual impairement ,namely JAWS, Magic Openbook and Pearl camera.July 2014,Kenyatta University
  • Ethical & Responsible conduct of research,15th-16th September 2014
  • Teaching Methodology,November 2013, Kenyatta University.

Consultancy and community service

  • Consultant (s) - Mentorship, Consulting Person/ Body/Organization - Students, Year - 2010, Title Consultancy Service - Mentorship
  • Consultant (s) - CBO, Consulting Person/ Body/Organization - persons with Disabilities, Year - 2011, Title Consultancy Service - Leadership

Affiliation to Professional Bodies

  • 2021 -2025: UASU Commitee Member
  • 2018:SUNCE BOARD MEMBERSHIP: Special user`s Needs Centre Foundation SUNCE
  • Primary School for the Blind
  • Ngongoni Secondary School
  • 2016 - 2020: UASU (Trustee)
  • Narok University


  • KU UASU Member of Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA)
  • Member of National council of disabilities
  • Member of Kenya  Union of  the Blind
  • Member of Board of  Governors of Thika primary school for the blind
  • Chairman of the Ngongoni Persons with Disabilities Development Initiative


  • Instructional Resource Custodian
  • Adjunct Faculty, Mout Kenya University- Sept 2016
  • Council of Elders, Nguutani Ward- Sept 2016
  • B.O.M Member, Ngongoni Sec School-Feb 2016
  • 3rd Year Student Advisor - 2015/2016 (Second Term)