Francis Likoye Malenya
Dr (Ph.D)
Educational Foundations
Contact Address:
43844 – 00100 GPO Nairobi
Area of Specialization:
Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education
Research Interests:
Democratization in Education, Public and Private Partnerships in Education, Technology in Education
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1. Re-thinking the Meaning of Education with Reference to HIV and AIDS Education in Kenyan Schools, in Education and Reality: Reflections on Luigi Giussani’s ‘The Risk of Education’, Fondazione AVSI: 2008, ISBN 9966-7333-0-2

2. Effects of Girl-Specific Education Projects on Boys’ Participation and Performance in Primary Education: Schooling and Construction of African Masculinity published in the CICE series Journal 2013 by Fatuma N. Chege, Francis Likoye Malenya Salome Nyambura and Hellen Guantai.

3. UPE Policy and Quality of Education in Kenya, in Universal Primary Education Policy and Quality of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, 41-63, 2011.03, Papers with Daniel N. Sifuna, Nobuhide Sawamura, Francis Likoye Malenya and Kentaro Shimada, ISBN 978-94-6300-023-9 (in Press).

4. Rebel with a Cause: Trivial but Potent Students’ Grievances in Kenyan Secondary Schools, in: Challenges and Prospects in African Education Systems, Trafford Publishers. USA, January 2014.ISBN 978-1-4907-1575-9

Research Assistant in various studies and projects including:

  1. ECD teacher Attrition by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology working under the main researcher – Dr. C.K. Ngome (2001).
  2. Young People, Gender, Sexuality and HIV/ AIDS in Education, A research by UNICEF/ESARO working under Prof. Fatuma N. Chege (2002).
  3.  Basic Literacy norms in English Language, a research project by the Rockefeller Foundation, as a test administrator and also an examiner working under Prof. G. Bunyi (2003).
  4. Violence against children: A global Perspective, a research project by UNICEF/ ESARO: working under Prof. Fatuma N. Chege (2005).
  5. Innovative Experiences for Girls’ and Women’s Education in ESARO countries (particularly Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia, a research by CIEFA, working under Prof. Fatuma N. Chege and Dr. Regina Karega (2005).
  6.  Injection Safety Survey; Sociocultural Factors that Determine Injection Use in Bondo district, a research project by JohnSnow International, working under Prof. P.W. and Prof. I.O. Oanda (2005).
  7.  A Comparative study on the process of adopting Education for All EFA in Kenya, working under Prof. Fatuma N. Chege, a UNICEF/ESARO Consultant (2005).
  8. Child Labour Policy Review, a study by Kenyan Situation the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development (MLHRD) and working under Prof. D.N Sifuna.(2006).
  9.  A Baseline Survey of the Integrated AIDS Programme (IAP) in Mangu, Chania and Gituamba Locations, a project undertaken by WERK, working under Dr. Sara Ruto (2006).
  10. Addressing the Female Teacher Imbalance in Rural Kenya: An Action study, working under supervision of Dr. Sara Ruto and Dr. John K. Mugo (2006).
  11. A Comparative Analysis on Universal Primary Education Policy, Finance and Administrative Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa – The case of Kenya- working under Prof. D.N. Sifuna (2008). 

Conference Presentations

  • Francis Likoye Malenya, The Impact of Public Funding on the Sense of Ownership of Public Schools in Poor Rural and Urban Communities in Kenya. Paper presented at the RECOUP Conference, Utalii Hotel, Nairobi Kenya., 2nd April, 2011.
  • Francis Likoye Malenya, The Free Secondary Education Agenda: Paper presented at the Education Stakeholders’ Symposium by Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum at the Kenya Institute of Education (NACECE Hall) Nairobi, Kenya, February 2008.
    Affiliation to Professional Societies
  • Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK)