Title/Qualifications: PhD
Associate Proffessor
Department: Educational Foundations
Contact Address: P.O.Box 43844,00100 Nairobi
Area of Specialization: Sociology of Education, Higher Education, Social Policy
Research Interests: Higher Education and Social Policy, Gender and Education
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  • 2013; With James o. Jowi, Milton Obamba, Chika Sehoole, and Goski Alabi; Governance of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. OECD Programme on Innovation, Higher Education and Research for Development IHERD

  • 2013, December - Internationalization of Higher education and Implications for Research and Development Trends in African Universities, in ‘The Development of Higher Education in Africa; Prospects and Challenges. Emerald group publishing; Pages -69-97

  • 2013; December - Implications of alternative Higher Education Financing Polices on Equity and Quality; the Kenyan Experience, In Funding Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, Damter Teferra, editor, Palgrave MacMillan. Pages 98-129

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  • Ibrahim Oanda, with Caleb Gudo and Maureen Olel, 2011, ‘Role of Institutional Managers in Quality Assurance: Reflections on Kenya’s University Education Australian Journal of Business and Management Research Vol.1 No.2, pp113-124

Conference Presentations

  • 8th-11th December 2013; Implications of Alternative Higher Education Financing Policies on Equity and Quality: The Kenyan Experience. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dessalegn Hotel
  • 10th-12th September 2013; Ibrahim Oanda, et al; Promoting Employability and Inclusive Development through Higher Education: A five country Study. Oxford University, 12th International Conference on education and Development
  • 14-16 May 2013. Overview of field data and mid-term reports for the CODESRIA/Carnegie programme on higher education leadership in Africa; Carnegie Corporation of New York, Higher Education Policy, Leadership and Governance Grantee Convening. NAIROBI, Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 18th -20th March 2013; Financing Higher Education in a Resource Limited Environment. Gaborone- Tertiary Education Council of Botswana, Sponsored by Tertiary Education Council of Botswana
    Ibrahim Oanda,14?16 May 2013, Higher Education Policy, Leadership and Governance Grantee Convening Fairview Hotel, Nairobi,Kenya
  • Ibrahim Oanda, 18th ?20th,March 2013,Financing Higher Education in a Resource Limited Environment Gaborone? Tertiary Education Council of Botswana
  • Ibrahim Oanda,28th?29th February 2013, Strategies for African Diaspora Academics to Support and Strengthen Doctoral Education and Academic leadership in African Universities; Perspectives from East Africa New York, Carnegie Corporation of New York Headquarters
  • Ibrahim Oanda,2nd ?7th October 2012, Optimizing Talent:Closing Social Mobility Gaps Worldwide; Higher Education and Lifelong learning Salzburg,Austria
  • Ibrahim Oanda, 21st Century ‘Academic Imperialism’, Internationalization of Higher Education and threats to indigenization of Research and Innovation for Development in African Universities, Rabat, Morocco 5-9th Dec 2011
  • Ibrahim Oanda, ‘Internationalization of Higher Education and the Direction of Research and Development for Africa in African Universities Kampala, Uganda, November 4-5, 2010
  • Ibrahim oanda, Corporate Trends and the Challenges of transforming Universities in Africa into African Universities’, paper presented at the Conference on ‘Trends , themes, challenges and opportunities for Higher Education transformation in Africa’, organized by University of Botswana/Trust Africa, Gaborone, Gaborone, Botswana September 27th -28th-2010
Administrative positions held to date
  • Departmental Academic Advisor and Coordinator for Graduate Students
  • Chair, Departmental Strategic Planning Committee
  • Departmental Representative, School of Education Curriculum Committee
  • Member, Departmental Staff Development Committee