Name: Miheso- O’Connor , K. Marguerite ( PhD)
Dr. (PhD)
Educational Communication And Technology, Mathematics Education
Contact Address:
Box 43844, 00100nairobi. Personal: Box 54717, 00200, Nairobi
Chairperson & Lecturer

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Area Of Specialization: 

Mathematics Methods& Mathematics educationTeacher Education, Technology In Education

Research Interests:

Technology In Education, Building Capacity Through Quality Teacher Preparation, Education And Community ( Mathematics In Heritage), Social Implication For Mathematics Learners, Gender In Education


  • Marguerite Miheso-O'Connor Khakasa, PhD, Margot Berger ( 2014), Status of Teachers' Proficiency In Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching At Secondary School Level In Kenya International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education; Manuscript Number: IJMA-D-14-00145R1 Springer April 2015

  • Margot Berger PhD,& Miheso-O’Connor ( 2014), Learner's use of a Mathematics Textbook: An exploration Educational Studies in Mathematics ; Manuscript Number: EDUC-D-14-00285 ( in Press)

  • Marguerite Miheso- O’Connor, 2011, Proficiency In Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Secondary School Mathematics’ Teachers Interpretations Of Student Problem Solving Strategies In Kenya, VDM
  • Miheso –O’connor, 2005, Higher Order Learning During Interactive Learning, Jo’burg, Sa, JES/ AFRICME
  • Miheso, 2010, The Social Implications Of Student Performance In Mathematics On The Development Of Mathematics Education In Kenya, Online/ SMARTEC


  • Participated workshop on Integration of technology at KUCC ( Jan, 2013)

  • Participated in Seminar on Technology Integration at the National ICT Innovation and Integration Centre ( June 2013)

  • Facilitated the HP catalyst workshops for Practicing teachers; September 2011, February 2012,July 2012, September 2013 at Kenyatta University

  • Facilitated: HP catalyst workshops for Kenyatta University Preservice teachers; September 2011; March 2012, May 2012 at Kenyatta University

  • Participated in the AU summit Conference “ Africa Education, Second Decade and Beyond; Dares-salaam, Tanzania , September 2010

  • Participated in the department Workshop on Curriculum review, KUCC, July 2011

  • Participated in Moodle writing workshop, KUCC, October 2011

  • Participated ; Workshop for developing the School of Education Strategic plan, June 2012

  • Facilitated in Strathmore University Preconference workshops on Mathematics Education, June 2011. June 2012, August 2014, August 2015 CARMS)

  • Participated in Kenyatta University grant proposal writing workshop; 2010 at Utalli Hotel.

  • Participated in The Pan African Mathematics Olympiad planning workshop, University of Nairobi

  • Participated in STEM+ WEBINARS on ; E -scapes and Learning, October 2011; Using Technology to teach STEM subjects; November 2011

  • Participated in the University academic audit retreat for Kenyatta University, Nanyuki, Kenya, 2013

  • Participated in the African Population and Health Research Centre ( APHRC) workshop on Literacy and Numeracy assessment tools development for grades 1, 2, & #, an AKF initiative, Nairobi, grand Regency

  • Attended WSoE Marang Centre for mathematics and Science education division , seminar on mathematics curriculum for the changing learner .. November 2013, University of Wits, SA

  • Participated in the WSoE, seminar on use of Instrumentation conceptual framework to determine students response to science concepts December, 2013, University of Wits,SA

  • Participated in Research School seminar at the technical University Bloemfontein, SA June 2014

  • Participated in writing workshops, Education and Research centre, University of Wits, SA, July 2014

  • Attended the SAARMSTE Conference at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University of Technology, Port Elizabeth, SA ( January 2014)

  • Participated in the Journal Article Writing Workshop for PhD Students in the Faculty of Humanities ( March 2014

  • Participated in World education forum, London, Jan 2014

  • 2015 Facilitated department seminar (“ Mathematics in historic environment”

  • Presented a seminar paper on Kenyan experience in mathematics teachr preparation

  • Presented a paper in Dundalk, Ireland on mathematics in Historic environment a mathematics pedagogy

  • July 2015 Facilitated HP exhibition on teachers integration of technology in STEM subjects

  • Local organizing committee on international conference on Mathematics, Strathmore University