The Role of Science and Technology in socio-economic development and expansion of human endeavor in general is fundamental. The largest contributor to this is Mechanical Engineering which is responsible for design, manufacture /production, installation, operation and maintenance of anything that moves, products & services while ensuring environmental preservation and conservation.
The Mechanical Engineering skills are critical in the automobiles, trains, aerospace, aeroplanes, biotechnology, bio-medical services, pharmaceutical industries, electronic/ computer drives etc, energy conversion automation and general manufacturing.
The department currently runs a five year degree program which equips students with knowledge, skills, competence & values applicable to any of these sectors among others.
The department is also engaged in research and development activities.
Mechanical Engineering has been necessitated by the fact that mechanical engineers are required in the process of industrial transformation of our country.

To produce world class Mechanical Engineers

To develop manpower capable of utilizing and enhancing knowledge and skills in design and production


  • To provide training in skills that can turn resources into usable products or services for the benefit of our society.
  • To prepare graduate engineers for the industrial sector in the field of design and production.
  • To develop the basic entrepreneurial skills as a basis of self employment.

The department is currently collaborating/ link with various institutions for the purpose of joint research, faculty training and student, staff exchange program and exchange program.
St. Thomas University, Minnesota USA

Research Publications And Patents

  • N. K. Langat, T. N. Thoruwa, J. Wanyoko, J. Kiplagat, B. Plourde, J. Abraham, Models and experiments for energy consumption and quality of green tea drying, Energy Science & Engineering published by the Society of Chemical Industry and John Wiley & Sons Ltd the Society of Chemical Industry and John Wiley & Sons (2014).
  • N. K. Langat, T. N. Thoruwa, J. Wanyoko, Improved Process and Associated Technology for Predrying Green Leaf Tea. Kenya Industrial Property Institute and Directorate of Intellectual Property- Kenyatta University (KE/P2011/001427)

Proposals/ On- Going Research

  • Emission from imported used Vehicles- Environmental Degradation Research- George Magore
  • Optimization of heat movement in varying configuration channels Researcher- Nickson K. Langat
  • Efficient method of processing purple tea in Kenya Researcher- Nickson K. Langat
  • Vibration analysis, control and noise silencing Researcher- Isaac Waire Maina
  • Development of an Improved Fluid Bed Dryer for Green Tea Drying in the Industry Researcher- Nickson K. Langat
  • The need to monitor and create standards for body building on trucks and buses. (Damages seen and recorded from accident vehicles)


The department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to courtesy and excellence in service delivery

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Preparation of Teaching/Timetable

University main timetable



Allocation of Teaching load/duties

Teaching units


1 Week

Sourcing of Part-time Lecturers

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Students concept papers


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Setting examinations



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Marking Examinations

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Departmental Examination Board and marking of proposal & projects Reports

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Departmental Academic Seminars

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Twice a month


Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department,

Kenyatta University,

             P.O. Box 43844 – 00100 Nairobi.

           Tel: 8710901, Ext.3650.

           Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Francis Mwangangi.4th year, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Congressman, School of Engineering and Technology
leader‘Without the services of an Engineer, a doctor is a witchdoctor”. These are the words he always uses to encourage his students during lectures. His name is Eng. Okaka, a man of wisdom and knowledge. I guess he’s the oldest in the school and the most experienced. This energetic man heads the oldest department in the school of Engineering and Technology, the mechanical department. He also doubles up as a fluid mechanics lecturer and when he happens to take you in that unit, you can never miss his lessons since next time he will bully you.
I love his simple way of life. I have never seen him driving but am sure he can buy any vehicle he wants. I have never seen him with a smartphone though he can afford the newest in the market. Is he too analog or its his way of life? I also don’t know.
In my tenure as congressman, I can say that his department has been the most cooperative of all. He works on an open door policy and is always welcoming. The secretary too is welcoming. Try visiting their offices and confirm this.
Allow me to appreciate the university management for the support given to SET. I cannot list all benefits here one by one but indeed they are in plenty. What remains is to now give all what it takes to ensure that the university is accredited. I can promise students that we will not tire until we see this process completed.

Currently the department offers the following degree course:

Entry Requirements
Students wishing to pursue the above undergraduate program must satisfy the following conditions;
a)The minimum entry requirement for the School of Engineering and Technology.
b)The candidate must have attained the following minimum grades at KCSE or equivalent qualifications:
    Mean Grade    C+
    Mathematics   B+
    Physics            B+
    Chemistry        B
    English            B

  • Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering. (B.Sc Aerospace Engineering)

Entry Requirements
Students wishing to pursue the above undergraduate program must satisfy the following conditions;
a)The minimum entry requirement for the School of Engineering and Technology.
b)The candidate must have attained the following minimum grades at KCSE or equivalent qualifications:
     Mean Grade     C+
    Mathematics     B+
    Physics              B+
    Chemistry          B
    English              B

The duration of study for BSc. Mechanical Engineering and B.Sc Aerospace Engineering extends for five(5) academic years.
Though out the course of study, a candidate is required to take 16 units in any given year of study. A semester shall consist of 16 weeks and the teaching hours for each course will be 56 hours.

To qualify for the award of the degree, the candidate should have passed not less than 80 units plus industrial attachment units.

Mode of Delivery
• Lectures
• Practical
• Tutorials
• Seminars
• Academic trips
• Workshop practice
• Industrial attachment  

Career Prospects
Graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering find professional jobs in the Private and Public Sectors.

Full Time Academic Staff

Adjunct Professors

Prof. J. A. Nyang’aya

Prof. S. P. Ng’ang’a

Prof. G. O. Rading

Visiting Professor
1. Prof. Feliks Ianovskyi

External Examiner
1. Prof. Stephen Mwenje Mutuli

Part Time Lecturers


Dr. Moses Arowo


Jacqueline Munene


Dr. James Kuria Kimotho


Mr. Asaph Mbugua


Mr. Lawrence Kobia


Mr. Samuel K Karanja


Mr. Enock Obwogi


Mr. Jonathan Kimeu


Dr. Jackson Githu


Mr. John Kirunda


Mr. Roy Orenge


Mr. Obadiah Maswai


Ms. Jacqueline Munene


Mr. William Olpengs


Mr. William Olpengs


Mr. John Odhiambo


Dr. James K. Kimotho


Mr. Kenneth Kiragu


Mr. Mathew Ndeto



Dr. Jackson G. Njiiri



Ms. Caroline Wawira



Mr. Wera Mwenja



Mr. Ngala Wycliffe Odegi



Mr. Utali Martin Bustsa



Mr. Patrick Njuguna



Prof. Christopher Mureithi



Dr. Evans Murimi