A motivational speaker creates a human experience that awakens the audience and shines a light on the path ahead. The best speeches engage the minds and hearts of people and the best speakers cause each member in the audience to: Remember connect back to their highest purpose as a human being, as a team, or as a company. The general purpose of a speech is to inform, persuade or entertain an audience. All speeches fall into one of these three categories. Remember which helps one to connect back to their highest purpose as a human being, as a team, or as a company. The speakers move the audience beyond daily distractions and lead them back to remember what their mission is in the first place.
He also helps them rethink and see their life and work with new eyes. They create an environment and thought-provoking content that leads people to dwell in possibility and see things from new angles of vision. The final purpose is respond to compel words into action. They use powerful stories and illustrations that light a fire in people and stimulate an authentic desire to be a catalyst for positive change in their life and work. The speech comes to life!
Kenyatta University Students (Kitui South Association) and school of Environmental studies (EPM) students organized a trip to Ikutha and Kivuti James Ndonyi Secondary Schools for a motivational talk. The trip started at 4.00 a.m. at and took 6.00 hrs to arrive at the School. Kitui County is located in the former Eastern province of Kenya, about 160 Km east of Nairobi and it is one of the largest counties in the country covering an area of 30, 496.5 square Kilometers.
This was a volunteer initiative by the students and mainly discussed among other things: Time management, Goals and goal settings, dreams and other ambitions, talents and hobbies and university among other things. The 250 students who attended the function said that they had learned a lot from the talk and asked them organize another bigger event that will cover a range of other issues affecting mentorship of secondary school students. They also took time to market the School by giving them School brochures with they had carried in plenty. They left the University at 6.30.p.m. and arrived at 1.00 a.m


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