The Nation Media Group created the Kusi Ideas Festival four years ago as a pan-African platform to examine our continent’s place in the world; its citizen’s problem-solving ideas and innovations; and how these prepare us to deal with the emerging challenges of climate change. This is in line with the media group mission to be the “Media of Africa for Africa”, which aims to contribute to shaping the agenda of positioning Africa as a leading player in global economics and politics. The Previous festivals have been held in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2019, Kisumu, Kenya, in 2020, and Accra, Ghana, in 2021. Africa continues to be among the worst hit by the consequences of climate change, despite having contributed the least to global warming and having the lowest emissions. Climate change has become the existential threat of our time. Last year’s festival revolved around the theme, “Climate Change: Exploring African Responses and Solutions” and explored the impact of the warming climate on the continent – from its impact on our food security to the financing and technology needed to mitigate its impact on its environment and the people. This edition of the festival, slated for the first week of December, was hosted on the backdrop of COP27, which was concluded in Egypt. 

Last year’s Festival was held at Karura forest big tent grounds from 8th -9th December, 2023. Kenyatta university school of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences students were invited to the festival and participated in the panel discussions. Last year’s two day  panel discussions mainly touched on the following thematic areas; Voices of hope, and the Good Climate Fight, Climate Change, Water & Resources, The Climate hackers, Innovations and Solutions, powering Africa without burning it: Renewable Energy to the Rescue, Feeding every African mouth: Food and the Climate problem, Africa faces up to rising climate-related health emergencies, Climate Change Narratives, and mobilizing action, Green Cities and the Making of Sustainable Urban Communities, Adaptation and Mitigation: Where is the Money and Plan and Climate Change and The Development Challenge in Africa. The first day discussions was marked by a colorful dinner party held in honor of the visiting delegates and the students took part it and described it as one of the most momentous event they ever participated in. at the end of the second day, they said that it was one of the most educative events they have ever attended. They thanked the university and the school for allowing them to participate in the festival.



A Photo  of students during the KUSI Festival  event December 2022.


Kenyatta University.

Executive Dean School of Environmental Studies.

Office of the School Administrator.