The Yali Kenya Chapter in partnership with other youth organization, and with the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other partners held a two day youth Climate Change summit dubbed Youth Leadership Transformation Summit on Climate Change on 24th & 25th August, 2023 under the theme meaningful engagement and empowerment of Africa’s Youth for climate action which was held in person at Sarit Center Araboku conference hall. Kenyatta University Vice chancellor was invited to Give the Keynote address and participate in the high level youth climate summit. The summit was in preparation of the Africa Climate Summit which was held in Kenya KICC ACS), held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4 to 6 September 2023, was a historic event that brought together African leaders, investors, experts, and civil society to discuss and showcase the continent's climate action and solutions.

The Youth summit lead to the presentation of a paper on Youth Position heading into the Africa Climate Summit. This summit was also attended by key stakeholders, youth climate ambassadors, entrepreneurs and partners. Kenyatta University School of Agriculture students was also invited and given 80 slots for the students to participate and showcase their projects at the summit. The students participated actively in the panel discussions during the two day event. On the second day the participants were broken down into formations where different panel discussions were held including climate financing and how to access the green climate fund, the role of national and county Government in climate financing, role of Culture and religion in climate change, To amplify voices of communities, fronting young people as ambassadors of climate resilience  2. To strategically develop pathways to influence & catalyze sustainable climate change & development policies by key government agencies, civil society organizations, private sector, and other industry players. 3. To facilitate authentic dialogue, boost investments, competitiveness of youth-led businesses & enterprises addressing climate change, through networking before, during and post-summit. 4. To mobilize local climate financing through the summit, to assist the vulnerable & marginalized communities in Kenya and East Africa, towards dealing with the immediate effects of the crisis (drought & floods). 5. To offer a platform through the summit for our alumni, partners and other climate stakeholders to showcase/exhibit their innovations in climate solutions.


A Photo of students during the Yali Summit on 24th&25th August 2023


A Photo of students during the Yali Summit on 24th&25th August 2023 proceedings


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