Name: Everlyn Nambiri Chitechi Wemali
Environmental Sciences & Education
Contact Address:
28098-00100 Nairobi
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lecturer/Examination coordinator
Area of Specialization: 
Environmental studies/Environmental Education
Research Interests: Biodiversity conservation, Climate change Education,Instructional design for Environmental education

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Referred Journals

  • Ngare, I. O., Koske, J. K., Muriuki, J. N., Chitechi, E. W., & Gathuku, G. N. (2020). Urban climate variability trend in the coastal region of Mombasa Kenya. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology14(8), 214-221.
  • Ngare, I., Wemali, E., Gichuki, C., Gichuki, N., Kipkemoi, I., & Karanja, J. (2018). Integrating Environmental Concerns in Enterprises and Businesses for Sustainable Development. International Journal of Environmental Science3.

Books and Books Chapters

  • ‘Seafood value chains and mangrove restoration in Mida Creek’In  De Leeuw J, Koech G, Yayé AD, Nyongesa J. 2017. A review of best practice in the Horn of Africa with biodiversity-based value chain development for pro-poor biodiversity conservation. Nairobi: ICRAF, ANAFE.http://

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

Seminar Papers

  • 21stto 23rd Nov 2011: Status of indigenous vegetables in Mumias Sugar belt in a in seminar organized by  IFRA and Kenyatta University  on “heritagisation of biodiversity and governance of natural resources in the light of environmental stress  way forward”
  • November 2014 : Contribution of Cultivated Indigenous Vegetables to Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Community Livelihood in Mumias Sugarbelt,Kenya.

Student Co-authored Publications

  • Kangai, R., Chitechi, W. E., Koske, J., Waswa, B., & Ngare, I. (2021). Small scale farmers perception of institutions and information channels on climate change and adaptation, Embu County, Kenya. African Journal of Agricultural Research17(3), 404-413. DOI: 10.5897/AJAR2020.15165
  • Onuong’a, N.O and Wemali E .2019. Contributions of Nature Conservancies towards creation of Environmental Awareness in Schools, A case study of Kitale Conservancy in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya.Researchjournali’s Journal of Education 7 | No. 6 August | 2019 ISSN 2347-8225
  • Kioli ,J Wemali ,E and Ngare I. 2017 : Assessing the Uptake of Modern Kiln Technology in Mutomo, Kitui County,Kenya. Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) Vol-3, Issue-12, (2017) ISSN (Online): 2454-1362

Other Publications

  • Education For Sustainable living: A faith –based Approach To Natural Resource Management and Adaptation to climate change
  • Faith based Education For Sustainable Development (teacher’s Toolkit)
  • Environmental Education Early years handbook – a co-author with KICD


  • Learning for an inclusive green economy and sustainability; a baseline study for kenyatta university, Nairobi Kenya ( under UNESCO chair ,on going)

Funded Projects

  • 1991:Ministry Of Education Schorlarship for Master Of Environmental Studies course at Kenyatta university
  • 2011:National Commission for Science and Technology: Grant for Doctor Of Philosophy in  Environmental Studies course at Kenyatta university

Conferenced/Workshops/Seminars Attended

Conferences Attended

  • 28th – 30th September, 2015: Uni BRAIN conference held in Nairobi Kenya.
  • 21st-24th August 2016: International Conference on the Global Action programme in Sweden hosted by Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) in collaboration with the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, the Learning Teacher Network (LTN) and the International Network of Teacher Education Institutions (INTEI)

Workshops Attended

  • September 2020:Test Development workshop with KNEC to assess learning gaps due to   Corona Virus Disease (COVID)
  • September 2020 :Development of training manual for SECAM working jointly with Kenya Organisation of Environmental Education (KOEE)
  • November 2017: -KOEE-Development of a training guide for Climate Change Reporting.
  • 22nd-24th August 2017 : A curriculum development workshop organized by ANAFE for cross Boarder Biodiversity Curriculum at ICRAF
  • Developed and written fact sheets for Kenya Organization of Environmental Education (KOEE)
  • 2015 consultant-KOEE- Development of training manual for Faith Based Training in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • 22nd - 24th September, 2015: Involved in developing a curriculum framework for value chain of Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) in Africa organized by The African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) and its partners
  • 16th -27th November 2015: Participated in a write shop on Biodiversity based value chains at ICRAF Nairobi an IGAD Biodiversity management programme.
  • 2013: consultant -KOEE development of an ESD Faith based toolkit for primary schools
  • January 2011: Panel member in developing e-content secondary school Biology Book 3 and 4 for Kenya Institute of Education.
  • May 2011: Developed Students manual for Biology for Youth Polytechnics: Ministry of Youth Affairs Kenya.
  • February 2010: Developed trainers manual Biology for Youth polytechnics Ministry of Youth Affairs
  • May 2008: Involved in developing and validating a ‘Teacher competency framework’ for Primary School teachers, a project for the Ministry of Education done by Academy for Educational Development (AED).
  • 16th February-14th March 2008:Nigeria;Facilitated Development of Training manuals for SMASE INSET Nigeria.
  • 19th April-3rd May 2008: Burkina Faso ; Facilitated Development of Training modules for the SMASE INSET project Burkina Faso.

Seminars Attended

  • 25th-29th January 2021 9 (On line):Transformation Leadership for ACTIL mentors and mentees
  • Animal welfare Education seminar jointly organised by Kenyatta university & Animal welfare society
  • 21stto 23rd Nov 2011Heritagisation of biodiversity and governance of natural resources in the light of environmental stress way forward” seminar organized by  IFRA and Kenyatta University