Mr. Michael Mbaaru, Alumni

 I would describe the Department Environmental Studies and Community Development in school of Environmental Studies as exciting and dynamic. I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have successfully gone through this Department that exposed me to a wide range of experiences. It’s interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature made me feel qualified, confident and a professional and has allowed me to communicate clearly with experts from other fields and subjects.

Students not only get acquainted with a wide spectrum of environmental topics and issues but they are also given a great supportive range from the knowledgeable and highly qualified lecturers. Out here opportunities for growth are boundless especially for graduate from the School of Environment Studies thanks to the adequate preparation from Lecturers, programs in place and the school at large.



Mr. Raymond Allan Kojo

It is a great honor to be identified with Kenyatta University more especially with the School of Environmental Studies that has so far been my school for the last three years. Environmental studies and Community Development is a unique course that to my desire should be a mandatory study because of its holistic approach in trying to explain the changes in the environment, how human being environment contribute to the change and the necessities required to solve and enhance the already existing state.
A key element that has made it unique and more desirable at Kenyatta University is the availability of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced lecturers within the school.The entire course enables you to have a shift in thinking and appreciate the Environment, realizing its importance and acknowledging the steps that can be made when it is properly managed.

Lastly with the existence of Kenyatta University Environmental Club, your enthusiasm for environment will be enriched from time to time. I would personally acknowledge the club for shaping my career and making me proud of Environmental Studies as a course. Having been a member and more especially an official to the club with the last position being the chairperson, I have no doubt that with existence of KUNEC; Kenyatta University School of Environmental Studies will always be the best place to be and to nurture your ambition for environmentalism.



Mr. Vincent Ondieki


 I’m well pleased to be associated with the school of environmental studies; it has four disciplines: that is Environmental Studies and Community Development, Environmental Science, Environmental Planning & Management and Environmental Resource Conservation.

Environmental studies and Community Development is the course I pursue among the above listed discipline and I’m proud to say it’s the best course one can do due to its unique nature, it cuts across all disciplines its simply multi disciplinary in nature hence exposes students to the competitive job market, it appreciates concepts from economics, business, gender, psychology, social science and the basic life skills. The course introduces students to view life in a positive way; it produces qualified professionals who in future prove to be best employers rather than employees.

Personally I find the course interesting since I have been equipped with information from all spheres I must also appreciate the conducive environment that the department has created for me to attend field attachment where I have interacted with great minds and exposed me to real life situations. The course has also enabled me meet people from different field through the concept of corporate social responsibility. Environmental studies is the course to pursue opportunities are available and open since environmental issues are on the rise and need our attention. We have a role to play we are all responsible for sustainability.