World Day of Physical Activity was established in 2002, led by Agita Mundo with support from the World Health Organization.  Agita Mundo – World Physical Activity Network, is a group of international governmental and non-governmental institutions who strive to disseminate the benefits of adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle by practicing some physical activity daily. World Day of Physical Activity is celebrated annually on 6th April.


"Move With Color!" Festival is a dynamic and colorful half-day event designed to commemorate the World Day of Physical Activity at Kenyatta University. Our theme this year – “Move With Color!” – emphasizes the importance of fitness, fun and vibrant colors. If we use color for symbolism, and create a visually stunning experience as we enjoy physical activity, we are more likely to keep it up!

The event merges fitness, fun, and vibrant colors to create a memorable and impactful experience for participants



Event: Move With Color! Festival

Date: 5th April 2024

Time: 8am to 4pm

Location: KU Bishop Square


Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable athletic attire suitable for physical activity. Bright and colorful clothing is highly recommended to enhance the vibrancy of the event. Be prepared to get colorful during the Color Festival, so consider wearing attire that you don't mind getting a bit messy.


  1. Guest Speeches:
  • Time: 9:50am
  • Location: Bishop Square
  • Description: Esteemed guests including the Chairperson of the department, and the Vice Chancellor will deliver insightful speeches highlighting the importance of physical activity, health, and well-being. Their words will inspire and motivate participants to lead active and healthy lifestyles.
  1. 5km Color Jog/Run:
    • Time: 10:15am
    • Location: Bishop Square (Starting Point)
    • Description: Participants will embark on a lively 5km jog/run around the campus. Along the route, they will be showered with vibrant colored powders, adding to the fun and excitement of the event. The focus is on enjoyment and participation rather than speed, so feel free to run, jog, or walk at your own pace.
  2. Color Festival at Bishop Square:
  • Time: 11am
  • Location: Bishop’s Square
  • Description: Following the 5km Color Jog/Run, participants will gather at Bishop Square for a colorful festival. Here, they will be able to enjoy music, dance, and celebrate the spirit of physical activity. Participants will also have the opportunity to partake in various interactive activities. It's a chance to let loose, have fun, and embrace the joy of movement.

Guidelines for Participants:

  1. Arrival: Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event to check-in and familiarize yourself.
  2. Safety: While participating in the activities, please be mindful of your surroundings and follow the instructions of event staff and volunteers at all times.
  3. Hydration: Please carry your own bottle with water for hydration. Stay hydrated and pace yourself during physical activities.
  4. Respect: Respect your fellow participants, event staff, and volunteers. Ensure that you dispose of any waste in designated bins and refrain from any behavior that may disrupt the enjoyment of others.
  5. Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Move With Color! Event. Make new friends, soak in the energy, and celebrate the World Day of Physical Activity in style!

We look forward to seeing you at Move With Color! Let's make this event a colorful and memorable celebration of fitness, fun, and well-being!

Prof Agina Okello

Prof. Bonaventure Michael Okello Agina

Executive Dean School of Health Sciences

 Dr Gladys Mwangi

Dr. Gladys Wangechi Mwangi

Deputy Executive Dean School of Health Sciences

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"Move With Color!" Festival

BACKGROUND World Day of Physical Activity was established in 2002, led by Agita Mundo with support from the World Health Organization. Agita Mundo – World Physical Activity Network, is a...

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