Entry Requirements
i) Applicants should be holders of either First or Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Bachelor of Science in Textile Science and Design or Bachelor of Science in Textiles, Clothing or Fine Art, which has a bias in textiles, or it’s equivalent from a recognized University; OR Bachelor of Education (Home Economics or Home Science).
ii) Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they
have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.

Programme Structure
Two years. 10 taught units (thesis) and 14 taught units (Project) during course work

Unit Code and Title

Level 800
HCU 800: Research Methods
HCU 801: Statistics
HCU 802: Programme Design Monitoring and Evaluation
HFD 804: Advanced Fashion Design HFD 806: Creative Fashion Design HFD 807: Advanced Interior Design
HFD 808: Computer Applications in Fashion Design
HFD 819: Socio Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Clothing
HFD 810: Production Management and Work-study
HFD 812: Technology and E-Commerce in Fashion and Marketing
HFD 814: Art and Design (Elective) HFD 815: Costume Design (Elective)
HFD 816: Designing for Special Groups (Elective) HFD 817: Fashion Promotion
HFD 820: Entrepreneurship in Applied Sciences (Elective) HFD 821: Textile Science (Elective)
HFD 822: Thesis
HFD 823: Project Report

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