Entry Requirements
i. Applicants should be holders of either First or Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
in Bachelor of Science Degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Post Graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from a recognized institution.
ii. OR Bachelor of Education Degree with at least 2 years experience in the field of nutrition and a major in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Upper Class Honours.
iii. Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization. Programme Structure
Two years program. 12 units in year one and Thesis in year 2

Year 1
Core Units

Level 800
HFN 800: Advanced Human Nutrition
HFN 801: Advanced Nutritional Epidemiology
HCU 800: Research Methods
HCU 801: Statistics
HFN 804: Nutrition Assessments, Surveillance and Interventions
HFN 805: Nutrition and Food Security
HFN 806: Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry
HCU 802: Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
HFN 814: Advanced Maternal and Child nutrition

Electives Select 3
HFN 809: Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
HFN 811: Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition
HFN 812: Advanced Nutrition in Exercise and Sports
HSS 803: Advanced Ergogenic Aids Sports PerformanceHFN 815: Nutrition in Emergencies
HFN 816: Advanced Nutritional Anthropology

Year 2
HFN 817: Thesis

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