Entry Requirements
A holder of Bachelor degree in Health, Biological sciences, Food and Nutrition related sciences
or Bachelor of Education Degree in Home Economics.

Duration: One year of 13 units in total

Unit Codes and Titles

Level 700
HFN 700: Nutrition in the Lifespan
HFN 701: Principles of Human Nutrition
HFN 702: Nutritional Epidemiology
HFN 703: Nutrition Assessment and Surveillance
HFN 704: Maternal and Child Nutrition
HFN 705: Therapeutic Nutrition
HFN 706: Project in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics
HFN 707: Clinical Dietetics
HFN 708: Nutritional Biochemistry
HFN 709: Nutrition and Food Security and Policies
HFN 710: Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
HFN 711: Statistics and Research Methods

Electives (Select 1)
HFN 712: Nutrition Anthropology
HFN 714: Nutrition in Emergencies
HFN 715: Food Preservation, Processing, Storage and Legislation
HFN 716: Food Microbiology

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