ms vivian

Qualifications: Masters of Art (Political Science), Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration)
Position: Senior Administrative Assistant
School: Applied Human Sciences
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Working at Kenyatta University continues to be a worthwhile experience for me. I am daily handling student related matters from questions regarding the various courses being offered to issuing of examination cards and the most exciting aspect of it all is seeing students completing their courses and graduating. Prior to joining Kenyatta University, I was working with the then Ministry of Finance and Planning as an Assistant Secretary within the Department of Fiscal and Monetary Affairs which have all been renamed due to rationalization.

I have a Master of Art (Political Science) degree from Mohannlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India from where I also did a BA Degree in Public Administration. With a learning heart, it has made it possible to enjoy my work and to give the best service to the School of Applied Human Sciences. I can confidently report that the teaching and support members of staff in the school are highly motivated and endeavor to offer the best services. This has resulted in the increase of student enrollment as the courses offered touch on every individual’s daily needs: Community/family (Community Resource Management); food (Food, Nutrition & Dietetics); clothes (Fashion, Design & Marketing); exercise (Recreation and Exercise Science); and physical activities (Physical and Health Education.

My vision for the School of Applied Human Sciences is for it to become the world leader in applied human sciences through its service to community and teaching. We are the pioneers of Physical Education and Home Economics and it should not stop there. Through collaborations and linkages, more can and will be achieved.

Prof Agina Okello

Prof. Bonaventure Michael Okello Agina

Executive Dean School of Health Sciences

 Dr Gladys Mwangi

Dr. Gladys Wangechi Mwangi

Deputy Executive Dean School of Health Sciences

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