boit_mike Position: Associate Professor
Department: Recreation Management and Exercise Science
Area of Specialization: Education in Curriculum Instruction and Physical Education
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844-00100
Nairobi – Kenya
Telephone: +254 020 8710901-12 Ext 57284
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Areas of Interest:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Supervision
  • Sports Nutrition, Human Anatomy
  • Sports Sociology and Psychology
  • Statistics and Research Methods
  • Physical Education Administration
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Physical Fitness.

National and International Appointments

2007 Board of Trustees, Member of Mathare United Sports Association
2005 Director, International Association of Athletics Federations ( IAAF)
Athletics Academy at Kenyatta University to serve the Anglophone African
2003 Chairman of the Stakeholders’ Transitional Committee, a Body Charged with the responsibilities of Streamlining the Running and Management of the Kenyan National Football Federation Between March and June 2004.
2002 Part Time Coach for the Program of Coaching Excellence and Training Seminars for Elite Coaches at the International Sports Training Institute at Life, University, Atlanta, Georgia.
1989-'99 Member of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF)
Athletes' Commission by the IAAF Council to Represent Anglophone Africa.
Member, International Special Olympics Board - Special Olympics International
Sports Rules Committee, African Representative. The Committee Reviewed and
Published Rules for Special Olympics Summer
and Winter Games.

Other Appointments

2001Chairman, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Kenyatta University
1989 Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the First Inter-University Games Held at Kenyatta University
1989 Elected Public Relations Officer for the National Athletic Federation.
1988 Chairman, Department of Physical Education and Games.

Honours and Achievements

1996 Honoured by the Special Olympics International for Contributions as Member of the International Rules Committee.
1995 Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya, National Honours In Recognition of contribution to Sports and Sports Administration.
1989 Indoor World Record in one Mile, Masters Division at the Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA
1985 Honorary Life Member of the Kenya Athletic Federation
1984 Eastern New Mexico Hall of Honor
1984 Honorary Life Member of the Zurich Association for Major Track and Field Events, Leichtathletic Club Zurich
1982 National Associations of Intercollegiate Athletic Hall of Fame
1982 Commonwealth Games Bronze in 1500 Metres at Brisbane, Australia.
1981 Drake Relays Hall of Fame
1981 Sports Man of the Year in Kenya
1980 Indoor World Record in 880 yards, San Diego, California
1978 Gold Medallist at the Commonwealth in 8000, Edmonton
1977 Silver Medallist, World Cup in Athletics, Dusseldorf
1976 African Record Holder in 800 Metres
1975 Ranked Number One in the World in 800 Metres
1974 Silver Medallist, Commonwealth Games Christ Church
1972 Olympic Bronze Medallist in 800 Metres, Munich Germany

2007 The Impact of Sports on National Development and Topical Issues: A Collection of Past Papers (In Progress)
2007 Kenyans in Search of Olympic Glory: Challenges and How they Train (In Progress)
2000 Lindoe, P., Boit, M. & Musomi, M. (2001), " Making Dreams Come True: Sport and Community Development in Mathare Valley Slums”Forfatterne og Compendius Forlag 2001. Project funded by the Stromme Foundation, November 1st. to 10th. 2000.

Book Chapters:
2007 Evidence For The ‘Natural’ East African Athlete. Robert A. Scott, William H. Goodwin, Bezabhe Wolde, Vincent O. Onywera, Michael Boit, William O’Connell and Yannis P. Pitsiladis. In Pitsiladis Y.P., J Bale, C Sharp, T Noakes (Editors) East African Excellence In Distance Running – Nature or Nurture? Routledge Taylor & Francis Group plc.
2006 Boit Michael K, (2006)“Promoting Sport in Africa: An Opportunity for the East African Community’s Social and Economic Development” In di Cola Giovanni (Editor) Beyond the Scoreboard: Youth Employment Opportunities and Skill Development In the Sports Sector. Published by the Publications Bureau, International Organization Office, UN, Geneva 2006.
1987 Boit, M.K. (1987), Coming of Age in Track and Field. In Sports Hohepunkte, Munich, PP. 101 -102

Journal Publications

  • Pitsiladis YP, Onywera O’Connell William, Geiogiades E and Boit Michael, (2004) The dominance of Kenyans in international endurance athletics. Equine and ComparativeExercise Physiology 1 (4); 285 -291
    Stellingwerff Trent, Boit K. Mike & Peter Res (2007) Nutritional strategies to optimize
    training and racing in middle –distance athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 25 (S1): S17
    – S28

    Publications (abstracts)
    1. Scott RA, RH Wilson, W Goodwin, V Onywera, M Boit, YP Pitsiladis. Mitochondrial DNA
    Lineages and Haplotype Diversity of Elite Kenyan Athletes. American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Meeting, Denver, USA, June 2006.
    2. Onywera, V.O., Scott, R.A., Boit, M.K., Pitsiladis, Y.P. Demographic Characteristics Of
    Elite Kenyan Endurance Runners. American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Meeting,
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA, June 1-4, 2005.
    3. Fudge, B., Westerterp, K, Kiplamai, F., Onywera, V.O., Boit, M.K., Pitsiladis, Y.P.
    Evidence Of Negative Energy Balance In Elite Kenyan Endurance Runners During Intense
    High-altitude Training . American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Meeting, Nashville,
    Tennessee, USA, June 1-4, 2005.
    4. Scott, R.A., Moran, C., Wilson, R.H., Onywera, V.O., Boit, M.K., Goodwin, W.H.,
    Montgomery, H., Pitsiladis, Y.P. ACE Genotype Is Not Associated With Elite Endurance
    Athlete Status in Kenyans. American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Meeting,
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA, June 1-4, 2005.
    5. Yang, N., Macarthur, Wolde B., Onywera, V.O., Boit, M.K., Wilson, R.H., Scott, R.A., Boit,
    M.K., Pitsiladis, Y.P., North, K. ACTN3 Genotype Is Not Associated With Elite Endurance
    Athlete Status In Ethiopians And Kenyans. American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, June 1-4, 2005.Foreword Jepkorir Rose Chepyator and Mike Boit, “Making African Sports Global” The Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal of African sports, Introductory Volume, Fall 2005.

Studies already designed and set to begin in 2007
The effects of optimal fluid replacement on Elite Kenyan distance running Performance with particular reference to tea (Investigators: Mr.Vincent Onywera, Mr. Festus Kiplamai, Prof.Michael Boit and Dr Yannis Pitsiladis)

1. Superior performance of East African runners in warm humid environments: Fact or Fiction (Investigators: Mr. Vincent Onywera, Prof.Michael Boit and Dr.Yannis Pitsiladis)
2. Type 2-diabetes in a country in transition: a cross-cultural rural –urban migration study in Kenya on the role of diet, physical activity and other determinants (A collaborative Study to be undertaken by three Institutions, Prof. Henrik Friis and Dirk Lund Christensen from the University of Copenhagen, Dr. David Mwaniki of Kenya Medical Research Institute, Prof. Michael K. Boit and Professor Alloys Orago of Kenyatta University).
3. The Success of the East African Runners: The Metabolic Component. (Investigators: Bengt Saltin, Prof. Michael Boit, Dirk Christensen, Carsten Lundby, Vincent Onywera, Festus Kiplamai Gitahi Theuri and Henrik Larsen (Dec. 2006) Expected Research Grant (4 Million Shillings)
4. Genetic Predisposition and Dysmetabolic Syndrom in Kenya. Investigators: Dr. Yannis Pitsiladis, Dr. Yeri Kombe, Prof. Michael Boit Dr. Beatrice Kilonzo, Dr. Eva Njenga, Dr. Vincent Onywera, Festus Kiplamai, Erastus Muniu, Zipporah Bukania, Charles Mbakaya, Lilian Nyandieka, Philip Ndemwa and Jonathan Mwangi (2006-07).
5. A multinational project to defferentiate the erythropoietic Effects of altitude training from blood doping and Implications of doping control. Investigators:Robin Parasitto, Pawel Herzyk, David Kingsmore, Tim Noakes, Randy Wilber, Robert Valeri, Bengt Kayser, Mike Boit, Kihumbu Thairu, Jostein Hallen. Expected Research Grant (200 Million Shillings)
6. Kenyan International Developments Study-Canadian Activity Needs Research Alliance (25,000 dollars Grant) Principle Investigators: Mark Tremblay, Michael Boit, Kristi Adamo, Judith Waudo, Vincent Onywera and William Sheel. Affiliated Institutions: University of New Brunswick, Kenyatta University, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (2007).

Organized International Seminars

2007 Director, the International Athletics Symposium, Mombasa, held during the World Cross-
Country Championships in March, 2007.
2006 Course Coordinator, IAAF Chief Coaches Course for the Anglophone African Countries at Kenyatta University June 4, to June 17, 2006
2003 The Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the International Athletics. Seminar hosted by Kenyatta University February 2003

Papers for Seminars:

  • Boit, M.K. (2003), ‘The Relationships Between Success in Sports and Academic Achievement’ A Paper Presented at a Workshop for Physical Education Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools at Kenyatta University, May 19th. – 20th. 2003.
  • Boit, M.K. (2001), "The Impact of the East African Regional Cooperation on Sport and Physical Education Development," A Paper Presented at the First Regional Conference on Sport and Physical Education for Greater Cooperation in East Africa. Hosted by Makerere University in Collaboration With Kyamboko University, Kampala, Uganda, December 13 - 16, 2001.
  • Boit, M.K (2001), "Physiological Aspects of Performance Enhancement," A Paper Presented at the Official Opening of the 3rd. One-Day International Conference on Genes and Sport. Organized by the Institute of Sports Medicine in Conjunction with the School of Human Health and Performance, University College London. November 30th. 2001
  • Boit, M.K (2001), "Civil Strife in Africa: The Role of Higher Education and Sport", A Paper Presented at an International Conference on Transformation of Higher Education Management and Leadership for Efficacy in Africa. Hosted by Kenyatta University, November 12-16 - 2001.
  • Boit, M.K. (2000), "Using Sports in National Development", A Paper Presented at "PLAY THE GAME" Conference in Copenhagen Denmark 11th. to 16th. November 2000.
  • Boit, M.K. (1998), Sports Performance Enhancement: Physiological Cultural Aspects –the Kenyan Case", A Paper Presented At the Peak Performance Symposium in Preparation for
  • The Sydney Olympic 2000 at Life University, Marietta, Georgia, March18th. to April 1st. 1998.
  • Boit, M.K. (1998), "High Altitude Training: Assessment of its Potential to Enhance Sports Performance" , A Paper Prepared for Graduate Studies, Sports Health Science, Life University, Marietta, Georgia, Fall term of 1998.
  • Boit, M. K. (1997), "Performance in Physical Activities as a Means to Enhance Health Standards", A Paper Presented at the African Association for Health Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance ath the 3rd. Scientific Congress at Kenyatta University, September 11th. to 15th.1997.
  • Boit, M.K. (1997), "The Plight of Elite Athletes", A Paper Presented At the African Association for Health Physical Education Recreation, Sport and Dance at the 3rd Scientific Congress at Kenyatta University form September 11-15, 1997.
  • Boit, M.K. (1996), "Sports in the Modern Era", A Paper Presented at Second International Sports Symposium Organized by The National Olympic Committee of Israel in Conjunction with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held at the Wingate Sports Institute, Israel, December 28 -30, 1996.
  • Boit, M.K. (1996), "Bio-mechanics of Sports and Dietary Requirement for Endurance Activity", A Paper Presented At the Top Level Sports Symposium Organized by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya in Conjunction With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held at Nairobi, December 5th. to 6th. 1996.
  • Boit, M.K. (1995), The Development of Sports and Sports Facilities. In the Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 1995-96. Edited by Martin Macleish and Published by Kensington Publications Ltd. London in Conjunction with the Commonwealth Secretariat pp. 105-107.
  • Boit, M.K. (1995), "Drug Abuse", A Paper Presented at a Seminar Sponsored by the Royal Dutch Embassy at Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, November 30th. 1995.
  • Boit, M.K. (1993), "Scouting for Talent in Sport", A Paper Presented At the National Conference on Sports at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, October 7-8, 1993
  • Boit, M.K. (1990), "The Development of Distance Runners in Kenya", The Proceedings of the Ninth Middle East Sport Science Symposium. Sponsored by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Medical Commission, British Aerospace, Department of Sports and Leisure Development, the British Council and the Bahrain Sports Medicine Association. Bahrain, February 20-22, 1990.
  • Boit, M.K. (1989), "What is and What Ought to be the Role of Mass Media in Education of Young People in Developing Africa", A Paper Submitted to the Kenyan Journal of  Education.
  • Boit, M.K. (1989), "Developing Sports in Africa", As Paper Presented at the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Athletes' Commission. Barcelona, Spain, September 3rd. 1989.
  • Boit, M.K. (1989), Women on the Run. Weekly Athletics Today, London, U.K. Vol. 3 No. pp.24-27
  • Boit, M.K. (1988), Where are the Kenyan Women Runners? The IAAF Quarterly Magazine on Coaching Information, Technical Research, Bibliographic Documentation, New Studies in Athletics. December 1988 Issue, pp.-27
  • Boit, M.K. (1988), Track Scholarships: The Pros and Cons. Kenyatta University News, the sixth issue, October 1988.
  • Boit, M.K. (1987), Why Kenya has not Produced a World Class Female Runner. In CBS Magazine - The Runner, New York, January 1987 pp.6-7.
  • Boit, M.K. (1985), "Enculturation of the Nandi Youth" A Paper Presented to Qualitative Research and Education Anthropology Class at the University of Oregon, Winter Term of 1985.
  • Boit, M.K. (1984), "About Content Analysis". A Paper Presented to Qualitative Research in Education Class, School of Education, University of Oregon.
  • Boit, M.K. (1980), "An Explanation of Possible Influence of Genetic And Cultural Transmission on Running Talent of the Nandi and the Gusii of Kenya", A Paper Presented at the College of Anthropology, University of Oregon, 1980.
  • Boit, M.K. (1977),"Effects of Androgenic- Anabolic Steroids on Strength and Endurance", A Paper Presented to Human Performance Class at Stanford University, Stanford, California.
  • Boit, M.K. Rojexwoczi, S Sikwibele, A., Edelen, J. (1977), "Physical Fitness Curriculum for All Ages", A Paper Presented to the School of Education, Stanford University, Stanford California. April 20th. 1977.
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