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Title/Qualifications: :PhD (Economic Geography), M.A Geography, PGDE, B.A (1st Class Hons.)
Department/Unit/Section: Geography, Mombasa Campus
Contact Address: 16778, 80100, Mombasa
Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Economic and Industrial Geography, Agricultural Geography, Education, Research Methods
Research Interests: Food security/ Insecurity, Industries such as the flower industry, Gender and trade/industries, Education such as academic performance vs discipline  
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Referred Journals

  • Kathuri N.J, Kisovi, L.M Obando. J.A (2020) Socio-Economic Determinants of Food Insecurity at Household Level in Makueni County, Kenya In IJSRP Volume 10, Issue 7, July 2020 edition. DOI 10.29322/IJSRP.10.07.2020.p10310
  • Kathuri, N.J, Obando, J.A & Kisovi, M.L (2020) Household Coping and Adaptive Strategies Undertaken by Households to Enhance Food Security in Makueni County, Kenya Published in ‘The IJHSS’ Journal, Volume VIII, Issue 6, June, 2020 DOI No.: 10.24940/theijhss/2020/v8/i6/HS2006-066
  • Co-Author of Climatic, Social-Economic, and Heath Factors Affecting Human Vulnerability to Cholera in the Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa In AMBIO Vol. 36 No 1 2007 (Online)

Books and Books Chapters

  • Kathuri N. James (2011) Feminization of Labour in the 21st Century Flower Industry in Africa -ISBN/ISSN Reference No.   978-3-8454- 1676-2

  • Kathuri N. James and Juma Josphat (2007) Slum Education: Making low-income schools relevant - ISBN/ISSN Reference No. 9966 9834 6 5

  • Opondo, M, Dolan, C, Wendoh, S and Kathuri N.J (2007) Gender and Employment: Participatory Social Auditing in Kenya: In Kindon, S, Pain, R, and Kesby, M.  Participatory Action Research- Approaches and Methods: Connecting People, Participation and Place. ISBN/ISSN Reference No. 0-203-93367-2 3

  • Kathuri N. James (2004).  The flower Industry in Africa: The case of Kenya.  In Shikwati J. Reclaiming Africa: ISBN/ISSN Reference No.  9966983430 - 2004

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

Conference Papers

  • Kathuri N. James: Dos and Don’ts in Putting Africa on the Development Map. Presented at the Africa Resource Bank Meeting in Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort, Tanzania 11th -14th November 2007 Sponsored by IREN Kenya
  • Kathuri N.James:  Strategies of creating a Better Africa’: Presented at the East African Media Training Conference, Panafric Hotel , Nairobi, Kenya 14th – 19th 2007 Sponsored by IREN Kenya

Student Co-authored Publications

Other Publications

Articles published online:  


Dr. Jackson Musau
Chairman, Department of Geography


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