Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science
Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science

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Key Research Projects

  • 2014- On going: Self-Esteem levels and Psychological Well Being of Physically Challenged Secondary School Students. A Comparativ Study Between  Urban and Rural Settings, Nakuru County.
  • 2012: Baseline Survey on Effect of Drug and Substance Abuse in Public Service Delivery in PALS on May, 2011
  • 2014: On Going: Level of Stress Among Public Service Employees and Implication in service delivery between National and County levels of Governments in Kenya.
  • 2009-2013:Impacts Of Guidance And Counseling Service On Student Behavior Modification In Public Urban and Rural Secondary School In Rift Valley Province(Ph.D Research)
  • 2004-2008: The Role of Guidance and Counseling Programmed in Addressing Cause of Secondary School Dropout: A Study of Elburgon Division, Nakuru District

Selected Publication Papers

Presentations At Workshops And Conferences

  • 2015 13th Nov. Presented a Paper at 4th National Conference of Kenya Guidance, Counsellors and Psychological Association in Egerton University .Title : Coping and Management Strategies for Nurses Experiencing Compassion Fatigue in Palliative Care for Disaster Survivors
  • 2015 Nov. 28th : A Guest Speaker for Eldermen SHG , a Couples' Meeting in Ruiru: Creating and Sustainability of a Happy Marriage and Family.
  • 2015 Nov. 26th Nov. : A Guest of Honour at Discipleship College in Eldoret During the Graduation Ceremony : Defining and Realization of One's Vision in a Progressive Pattern
  • 2015 August 24th : Presented a Paper on Academic Excellency in University and College in a Mentorship and Counselling Seminar for First Session students in Universities held in Elburgon, Nakuru County.
  • 2015 Feb. 4th:  Presented a Paper on the Role of Parents in Secondary School Students'  Behaviour Modification-Relationships in Mixed Secondary Schools in A  Parents' Day in  PCEA Secondary School, Elburgon.
  • 2015 Feb 11th : A Guest Speaker at St Peters Boys, School-Elburgon, During Prize Giving Day. Topic: Parental Roles in Enhancement of Academic Performance.
  • 2014: presented paper on change management at Wajir, County departmental heads of national and county governments in readiness for capacity assessment and county and Rationalization of public service (CARPS) on 17th-19th September  2014.
  • Effective realignment and change management for psychological preparedness in awake of capacity assessment and rationalization in public service (CARPS) at Utalii Hotel on September 9th – 12th 2014 participants were line manager/directors at nation and county Government
  • Understanding the psychology of physically challenged children in an educational setting. A paper presented to Catholic Diocese of Nakuru integrated progrramme for children with disabilities Nakuru on 16th-13th June 2014.
  • Contemporary strategies for addressing issue affecting child education today. A paper presented to a conference of educational stakeholders in Molo Sub-County on February 11, 2014.
  • 2001: Presented a paper on effects of drugs and substance Abuse at Ewells park fields GRC Britain on July 6th 2011.
  • Transforming life through enhancement of inclusiveness and treating with dignity special population (physically challenged in Kenyan society at conference of public service counselors at Egerton University (ARC) on May 7th 2014.
  • Strategies of stress management at place of work. A paper presented at a conference of KDF commanders at Kenya school of Government (Nairobi-Kabete) on September 10th, 2014.
  • 2013: Presented a paper on the role of the church in anchoring family and marriage pillars for real happiness at a conference of Generation church in Ewells, Britain on September 15th 2013.
  • 2012: Presented a paper on Strategic leadership too many leader, too little leadership to a work of District commissions, DO and Chiefs in Nakuru on april 25th 2014.
  • Embracing of solution focused approach for personal and academic excellence. A paper presented to Meru teachers college students and teaching staff on February 19th 2010.

Book Publication
Applied Theories and Practice of Counseling (In progress)

Participation In Policy Development And Review-In Public Service.
2014 Involved in committee for development and reviewing the following government policies of DPMS starting August, 2014

  • Public Service Guidance and Counseling Services.
  • Scheme of Service for Public Service Counseling Unit.
  • Training Manual for Public Service Counseling Unit.
  • Drugs and Alcohol Manual in Public Service.
  • Hiv & Aids in Public Service

Dr. Eunice Githae
Department of Psychology


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