Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science
Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science

Prof. Peter Odera holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology. He is an associate Professor and a researcher at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education. Prof. Odera has interacted with local and international scholars in workshops, conferences, and seminars whose themes were based on a wide range of global issues. He has handled administrative duties as chairman of department, Deputy Dean, and Dean in acting capacity, He has supervised both Masters and Doctoral students in their projects and theses. His research interests touch on HIV, Traumatic experiences after genocide, ICT, developmental psychology, and exposure to alien culture among others. He has been actively involved in curriculum development both for the undergraduate and the postgraduate programs. Prof. Odera has contributed to eradicating HIV in the community through awareness campaigns. For the past six years he has served as the Chairman of HIV AIDs committee at his Majengo Church and has campaigned against HIV, through Awareness, conferences and workshops. He has several publications in referred journals. He has been an external examiner for Kenyatta University, Department of Psychology and is currently involved in external examination of PhD Theses.

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