Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science
Post-Graduate Diploma in Addiction Treatment Science

Prof. Nyaboke Arasa is an assistant Professor of Psychology and researcher at United States International University Africa.  Prof. Arasa has interacted with international and local scholars in conferences, seminars and workshops whose themes were based on a wide range of global issues.  She has participated in various research projects as a Principal Investigator, Co-investigator and Principal Co-evaluator. She has published over eight journal articles, two book chapters and twelve conference papers.  Prof. Arasa has supervised both under-graduate and post-graduate students and is the Co-coordinator of Quality Assurance Activities for IUCEA. Her research interests touch on Mentoring, Education for special needs and Disadvantaged groups, Sexuality, Disability and Education. She has served as a consultant in various capacities especially on matters of Quality assurance. She is currently an external examiner of doctoral theses for Kenyatta University, department of psychology.

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