Prof Rose Ngugi, Executive Director, KIPPRA Chief Guest
Prof Caroline Thoruwa
George Scott, Secretary General, AAPAM
Dean SLASS , Dr Wafula
Prof David Minja, chairman, Department of Public Policy and Administration
Prof Minja introducing the guest speaker mr Felix Odhiambo

Unit Code and Title
Level 100
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
UCU 101: Development Studies
UCU 106: Diversity, Ethics and Citizenship
AGD 100: Introduction to Gender and Development
AHT 102: Introduction to Political Science
APH 103: Introduction to Ethics
APP 100: Fundamentals of Public Sector Accounting
APP 101: Introduction to Public Administration
APP 102: Quantitative Methods
APP 103: Introduction to Public Policy ASC 100: Introduction to Sociology BBA 102: Principles of Management EET 103: Principles of Economics
Level 200
ACU 201: Introduction to Social Statistics
ACU 202: Methods and Techniques in Social Science Research
AHT 203: Modern Government in Africa
AMS 203: Anthropology of Conflict and Violence
APP 200: Principles of Public Law
APP 201: Political Theory
APP 203: Administrative Law
APP 204: Public Choice
APP 205: Introduction to Administration Theory
APP 206: Corporate Social Responsibility
ASC 203: Rural Sociology
EAE 204: Economic Development

Level 300 - Core
ABP 309: Finance Management for Policy Makers
AMS 305: Ethics and Governance
AMS 311: Supply Chain Management and Logistics
APP 300: Development Administration
APP 303: Devolved Government
APP 307: Public Policy Analysis
BBA 301: Human Resource Management
BBA 314: Public Relations

Electives (Take 5)
AHT 314: Comparative Government in Developing Countries
AHT 315: Political Parties and Interest Groups
APP 302: Foreign Policy
APP 306: Media and Public Policy
APP 308: Administrative Leadership in the Public Sector
ASC 311: Community Development
PHM 301: Health Policy and Planning

Level 400 -Core
AGD 408: Gender Mainstreaming
AMS 407: Diplomacy and International Relations APP 400: Strategic Management in the Public Sector APP 405: Energy Policy
APP 406: Internship
BBA 414: Management of Public Enterprises BMS 400: Management Information Systems BMS 406: Project Management

AMS 408: Disaster Management
APP 401: International Organizations
APP 402: Urban Governance
APP 403: Transport Policy
APP 404: Organizational Development in Public sector
ASC 405: Sociology of Development
KST 413: Agriculture Policy and Law

Dr. Patrick Mbataru Nyambari

Chairman, Department of Public Policy and Administration

Department News

Public Lecture

The 2nd Annual Kenyatta University and African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) Public Lecture Theme: Public Debt in...

Training 20 people on financial inclusion

Through the department of public policy and administration, The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has been training 20 people on...

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