Visit to Kenyatta University by German team from ISOE and FiW
Millennial Global Transformation: From the Physical to the Anthropocene, Essays in honour of Prof Celia Nyamweru







Provide List of Units And Allocation of Teaching Duties

List of Units;

List of Academic Staff; List of Teaching Allocation

1 Month Before New Semester

Teaching Allocation Schedule

Unit Class Registration Lists provided by Teaching Staff

Prepare And Display Department Teaching Timetable

Extraction Of Department Timetable From University Master Timetable;

Copies Displayed On Department Notice Board

2 Weeks Before New Semester

Timetables on Department Notice Board

Number of reported cases of Timetable clashes; Classes proceeding as per Timetable

Receive and Register Students

Unit Registration Forms; List of Units for Semester

Upon Arrival

Unit/Student Registration List

Unit Class Registration Lists provided by Teaching Staff

Provide Lectures and  Tutorials

Course Instructor, Lecture Room,


Upon Student Registration

Unit Class Attendance/Registration List

Number of students who did CATs

Set and Administer CATs for Exams

CATs And Exams Questions,

E10 Forms,

Students IDs, Invigilators

Mid-Semester and End Of Semester

E10 Forms Duly Signed

Number of students who did CATs; Signed E10 Forms submitted to exam coordinator

Mark and Upload Marks for Cats and Exams

Marked Scripts and Mark Sheets, Internal and External Examiners

Upon Administration Of Cats and Exams

Marked Scripts and Mark Sheets

Department Exam results moderation

Organize and Facilitate Seminars

Copies of Seminar Papers

Twice Per Semester

Number of Seminar Papers

Minutes of seminar sessions

Organize and Take Students for Field Course

Age 300 Pre-Requisite; Field Course Programme; Transportation; Financial Facilitation, Co-Ordination

1 Week Annually

Field Course Reports and Grades

Final report and financial accounting by field course co-coordinator

Receive and Process Postgraduate Concept Papers and Research Proposals

Copies of Concept Papers and Proposals;

Notification of postgraduate seminar by coordinator

Bi-Weekly Every Semester

Oral Presentation by Post Graduate Students

Minutes of postgraduate seminar presentations

Receive and Process Postgraduate Theses

Notice of Submission; Copies of Spiral -Bound Theses; Fee Statement; Thesis Forwarding Letter.

3 Months

4 Copies Of Spiral Bound Thesis

Theses defence by students; Minutes of defence committee

PO BOX 43844-00100 NAIROBI. EXT. 4167/8:                                             Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Jackson Musau
Chairman, Department of Geography


DEPARTMENTAL CONCEPT/PROPOSAL SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS March 2018 - on 14th and on 28th April 2018 - on 11th and on 25th May 2018 - on 9th and on 23rd June 2018...


FIELD TRIPS: AGE 313 from 30th March to 1st April 2018 in Central Rift Valley of Kenya AGE 300 from 24th to 28th April 2018 in coastal region of Kenya

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