Chairman’s Message:

Dr. Ratemo Tom Junior

Ph.D., LL.M., LL.B., B.GL., B.Com., D. Insu., C.C.A.

Welcome to the Department of Public Law!

The Department of Public Law is fully committed to building advocates who, in rapidly changing legal and political environment, are well equipped personally and professionally to model the highest ideals of the legal profession as entrepreneurs, counselors, litigators, dispute resolvers, problem-solvers and a myriad other ways that professionals trained in the law serve their clients and society at large.

It is important to note that Kenyatta University, School of Law alumni have excelled in life. Most members are not only practicing in private law firms, corporate sector, etc., but they are also Government advisors, Judges, Magistrates, elected leaders and/or law lecturers. As such, once a student graduates from the School and becomes a member of the Law Society of Kenya, any place s/he goes whether in a classroom, Bench, boardroom, Courtroom or in a State office, s/he will probably be welcomed by Kenyatta University, School of Law alumni.

I therefore commend those who have chosen to pursue a career in law at the Department of Public Law and trust they will forever consider Kenyatta University, School of Law as their first step into the legal profession that truly propels them to make a difference in their community, State and the world at large.


Dr. Ratemo Tom Junior

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