Library Infrastructure

The School of Law Library is situated in the School of Law complex. It has a very serene and conducive environment for learning.   The reading area has a capacity of six hundred (600) students, one hundred (100) students’ capacity study rooms per sitting, ten (10) Carrels, a well-equipped Special Needs Students Resource Center which can accommodate ten students per sitting, and discussion rooms that accommodates eighty (80) students per sitting.    The library has also well trained and competent staff.   The opening hours for Kenyatta University School of Law are 7a.m. to 12 midnight weekdays, and 8.a.m. to 8pm on weekends.

Library Resources

Kenyatta University School of Law has a well-equipped library.  The Library boasts of a rich collection of more than 750,000 volumes comprising of legal texts, law reports series, magazines, legal journals as well as electronic resources including LexisNexis, Ebrary, Agora, AJOL, JSTOR, and EBSCO.

The Law Library stocks law reports such as:-

  1. Kenya Law Reports
  2. Kenya Gazettes
  3. East African Law Reports
  4. All England Law Reports
  5. Halsbury’s Laws of England among others.

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