Following the directive issued to the Cabinet Secretaries of the Ministries of Education and Health, which granted Kenyatta University students and staff from the School of Health Sciences unfettered access to Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) facilities for medical education, a significant meeting took place on Monday, October 16, 2023. The distinguished gathering included Kenyatta University's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Paul Wainaina, along with Heads of Departments led by Prof. Okello Agina from the School of Health Sciences, who converged at the hospital.

Medical Students were led by the two principal petitioners to Senate Mr. Jaafar Kasaya and Mr. Thiongo Muiruri along with the KUSA Chairman Mr. Teddy Odhiambo and medical students drawn from across the School of Health sciences.

Their primary aim was to discuss the implementation modalities of this directive between the University and the Hospital. The meeting, presided over by the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Higher Education and Research, Dr. Beatrice Inyangala, saw the participation of various stakeholders, including a representative of the Principal Secretary of Medical Services, KUTRRH Board led by Chairperson Prof. Olive Mugenda and KUTRRH Management.

The medical students expressed their excitement as the long-anticipated opportunity to engage in clinicals at the hospital was beginning to take shape, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey and clamor to return the hospital back into the KU fold.

The significance of the onboarding was not lost on the medical students, who, in a display of enthusiasm, welcomed the long-awaited prospect of undertaking clinical at the hospital but requested unfettered access for all 800 medic students. This development marked the commencement of the bright future that lies ahead of their coursework.