Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Medicine of Kenyatta University. Our vision is to become a Centre of Excellence in training of Healthcare providers of all levels.

Establishment of the School

The School was established in August 2004 as a Centre of Excellence in Health Research, Capacity Building and Product Development and named School of Health Sciences. Its name was later changed to School of Medicine. It has grown rapidly and has seen the Public Health Component branch off to form the School of Public Health, the Pharmacy component form the School of Pharmacy and the Nursing component the School of Nursing.

Departments of the School

The School has ten fully established Departments, namely:

1. Human Anatomy.
2. Medical Physiology.
3. Pathology.
4. Surgery & Orthopaedics.
5. Medicine, Therapeutics, Dermatology & Psychiatry.
6. Paediatrics & Child Health.
7. Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
8. Community Health (under School of Public Health).
9. Medical Biochemistry (under School of Pure & Applied Sciences)
10. Medical Laboratory Science.

Programmes on Offer
The School offers the following approved programmes:

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB).
2. BSc. Medical Laboratory Science.
3. MSc., Infectious Diseases.
4. Master of Medicine in Family Medicine.
5. Ph.D in different specialties of Medicine.

Student Population
Currently, the School has a Student population of approximately one thousand enrolled in various programmes. This figure is projected to rise to over two thousands in the next five years.

Education Resources
The School has excellent facilities for teaching, leaning and research. These include:

1. Skills Laboratories.
2. Anatomy Laboratories.
3. Basic Sciences Laboratories.
4. Lecture Rooms.
5. Computerized and Networked Staff Offices.
6. Internet Facilities for Students.
7. Fully Stocked Medical Library.

Training of Students in the Modern Kenyatta University, Teaching, Research and Hospital
Construction of a 600 bed capacity modern Kenyatta University Hospital is complete and will incorporate special areas of healthcare including focus on aging, cancer, gender violence recovery centre and telemedicine as well as teaching of clinicians and health researchers for the 21st century. It is due for commissioning.

Currently, our students take clinical rotations and placements in various government hospitals. The School’s Departments will be housed in the Academic building of the Hospital that is fully facilitated with research laboratories, clinical and stun laboratories, clinical library and large lecture theatres.
The School of Medicine has developed the following Master of Medicine Programmes which are going to be anchored in the Kenyatta University Hospital:
1. Master of Medicine in General Surgery
2. Master of Medicine in Orthopaedic Surgery
3. Master of Medicine (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
4. Master of Paediatrics & Child Health
5. Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine
6. Master of Medicine in Psychiatry
7. Master of Medicine in ENT
8. Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology
9. Master of Medicine in Occupational Therapy
10. Master of Medicine in Oncology
11. Master of Medicine in Nuclear Medicine

The following undergraduate programmes are also ready for offer in the Hospital:
1. Diploma in Mortuary Science
2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery and
3. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Departments to be established
The following departments are going to be established:
1. Microbiology and Parasitology
2. Pharmacology
3. Diagnostic Imaging and 
4.Critical Care and Anesthesia

 Linkages and Collaborations

The School has established linkages and collaborations with various local and international organizations to enhance improvement of programmes and training of health personnel. These include:
1. Public Hospitals
2. Private Hospitals.
3. Mission Hospitals.
4. African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF).
5. Aga Khan University.
6. Nagasaki University.
7. Makerere University.
8. Stellenbosch University.
9. Chosun University
10. University of Nairobi.
11. Resource for Health Kenya (HRH) Kenya.
12. UHIV Capacity Buildings Fellowship Programme.

Exchange Programmes
Student exchange programmes through electives include Global Education Exchange Medicine and Health Professionals (GEMx). Under this programme, eight (8) Kenyatta University medical students took their elective terms in different countries between the years 2017 and 2018 as follows:



Number of students


Makerere University



Kwa Zulu, Natal



University of Limerick, Ireland



University of Zimbabwe


In turn, Kenyatta University hosted nine (9) medical students from Makerere University during their elective terms over the same period under the same programme

Participation in International Student Award Competition
Hakeem Kiboi, a Pharmacy student prepared a scientific poster that won the Student International Award in 2018. He later presented the poster in University of Limerick, Ireland.