Title/Qualifications: Ph.D, MSc, BSc
Department/Unit/Section: Pathology
Contact Address: P.O. Box 19503-KNH Nairobi. Kenya
Email: ngmuhoho@ yahoo.com
Cell phone:+254 721474937
Position: Senior Lecturer
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My objectives as a lecturer are;

  • Promotion of medical sciences through academic education at the institutions of higher learning
  • Promotion of public health through .research development especially in parasitology and related disciplines.

My research experience in various aspects of health science in KEMRI,  where I conducted various aspects of both laboratory based and field based research studies (1983 to 2008) has equipped me with the qualities needed for promotion of research at our universities. I entered KEMRI in the position of a Research Officer and climbed up  to Senior Research Officer and finally to Principal Research Officer. I conducted numerous many health research projects as the PI or Co-PI mainly in JICA-KEMRI collaborative research projects related to epidemiology and control of intestinal helminthiasis and schistosomiasis.  In my current position as a senior lecturer at Kenyatta University,  I am supervising four MSc and one PhD students. Two of the students await dates for the defence of their work. I joined teaching profession in2008.

I completed my PhD work in Medical Sciences in Nagasaki University Japan in 2004. This was based on my research work on-cercarial intensities and distribution in local rivers in Schistosoma haematobium endemic region- with a view of using the technique to assess infection rates in the community. Thesis work for my MSc (1982 at Howard University, Washington DC) was based on cellular immunology in trypanosomes infections in different nutritional status of the hosts. Other related trainings include, immunological techniques and electrophoresis in schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis and epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis (Diploma)

My research work has mainly centered on epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis, intestinal helminthiasis and lymphatic filariasis; and School latrine sanitation improvement.. Numerous scientific publications appearing in peer journals have emanated from such research work (22). I have also immensely presented scientific papers in various national and international conferences (25). Four manuscripts are in preparation for publication in peer reviewed journals:

  • Pattern of soil transmitted helminths and schistosome infections in Mwea
  • Impact of improvement of school latrines on schoolchildren - community participation approach
  • Effects of Geohelminths and Schistosoma mansoni on nutritional status of schoolchildren in Mwea rice irrigation scheme.
  • Studies on Decoy Snails in Kwale, Kenya - A new tool for control of schistosomiasis haematobia

I am also writing a manual and guide to construction of sanitation improved latrines for schools in Mwea Rice Irrigation Scheme. Health personnel and school headmasters’ guide: Ten steps for constructing Sanitary Latrine


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