Title : PhD.
Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
Contact Address: 
Kenyatta University  PO Box 43844,00100 Nairobi

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Area of Specialization

  • Medical Immunology

Research Interests:

  • Diagnosis and targeted therapy of breast cancer
  • Role of autoantibodies in the carcinogenesis of breast cancer and their p
  • Novel diagnostic kits (protein microarray) for breast cancer detection
  • Tumor-associated autoantibodies for early detection of breast cancer
  • Use of autoantibodies as therapeutic agents for breast cancer


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Trainings and Conferences Attended

  • Attended and presented a paper at the eighth JKUAT scientific, technological and industrialization conference in AICAD, JKUAT, Nairobi, Kenya. (November 23-25, 2013) Title: Effects of glucocorticoids on chemokine production: a bid to control leishmaniasis
  • Attended and presented a paper in the first international innovation and research conference of the Mt. Kenya University in Safari Park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya (August 28-30, 2013). Title: Inhibition of Leishmania infection development using glucocorticoid drugs in vitro
  • Attended and presented a paper in KEMRI (Kenya Medical Research Institute) KASH (KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health) Conference (February 6-8, 2013) Title: Exploring the use of Glucocorticoid Drugs in Prevention of Leishmania Infection: An in vitro study
  • Attended the sixth JKUAT scientific, technological and industrialization conference (November 23-25, 2011).
  • Training on tissue culture and monoclonal antibody production in ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) October 2010 - February2011
  • Training on data analysis using STATA statistical software (24th -28th July, 2017)