Department: Medical Surgical Nursing and Clinical Sciences
Contact Address: P.o Box 289 Ol Kalouenya.
Position:  Tutorial fellow
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Area of Specialization: Critical Care Nursing
Research Interests: Critical care nursing,Medical surgical nursing


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A resourceful, reliable and assertive team player with over seven years’ continuous experience in Clinical nursing. Strengths include problem solving, team management and decision making, ability to learn and adapt quickly, achieve organizational objectives and motivate others.


  • Mukiri, J., Inyama, H., & Maina,  D.W. (2018). Predictors and prevalence of central line associated blood stream infections among adult patients in critical care units -Kenyatta National Hospital. American Journal of Nursing Science, 7(1), 1-13.


  • October 2016- October 2017 :Dissertation title: Predictors And Prevalence of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections among Adult Patients in Critical Care Units- Kenyatta National Hospital. ( published January 2018 in American journal of nursing sciences)
  • March 2017:Protocol title: Knowledge of Chest Drains Care among Nurses at MP Shah Hospital Kantaria ward.
  • January 2009-September 2009:Protocol title: Knowledge, Attitudes and Measures Taken in Prevention of Testicular Cancer among Male Students in Kenyatta University.

Employment History

  1. Tutorial fellow - Kenyatta University Department of Medical Surgical Nursing and Pre-Clinical Sciences (May 15th 2020 up to date)

Key Responsibilities

  • Classroom teaching: in critical care and emergency nursing, and medical surgical nursing
  • Blended learning module development
  • Clinical teaching and supervision of students
  • Students assessment in the clinical areas
  • Research supervision of students
  1. Part time critical care nursing lecturer- Kenya Medical Training College Thika campus (Mar 2019 – Mar 2020)

Key Responsibilities

  • Classroom teaching in critical care nursing
  • Examinations administration.
  1. Critical Care Clinical Nurse - M.P Shah Hospital (Apr 2018 to Apr 2020)

Key Responsibilities

  • Orientation of new nurses and mentoring junior nursing staff and students.
  • Ensuring all time cleanliness and orderliness of critical care units.
  • Ensuring proper use and care of all medical equipment and devices reporting any malfunctioning to the biomedical engineers promptly.
  • Ensuring availability of machinery, equipment and materials needed in the provision of critical care to patients admitted  in critical care units.
  • Participating in unit based nursing education, quality improvement projects, audits, spot checks, and skill checks.
  • Participating in hospital nursing research projects and implementation of research recommendations to improve quality of care to patients.
  • Admission, assessment and re-assessment of critically ill patients to identify their needs,plan and deliver care based on these needs , monitor and evaluate effectiveness of interventions.
  • Carrying out vigilant hemodynamic monitoring to include vital signs, neurological and fluid status; laboratory and radiological evaluations.
  • Documentation of assessment data, investigation results, care given, discussions with the multidisciplinary team, family/patient interactions in an accurate, comprehensive and timely manner.
  • Administration of prescribed therapeutic procedures and medications safely, monitoring patients responses and reporting adverse reactions promptly.
  • Preparing for and assisting intensivists to perform specialized procedure such as intubation and extubation; tracheostomy fashioning; insertion of invasive lines and drains.
  • Maintenance of adequate airway management to include suctioning, nebulization and oxygen therapy.
  • Activation of emergency response team and actively participate in the resuscitation of pre-arrest and arrest patients.
  • Providing health education to patients and family.
  • Performing specialized procedures to patients such as hemodialysis, mechanical ventilation and electrocardiograms.
  • Assisting in the cardiac catheterization laboratory as required.M
  1. Medical Surgical Clinical Nurse - M.P Shah Hospital (Apr 2013- Apr 2018)

 Key Responsibilities

  • Fully responsible of a given shift in a nursing unit in absence of the senior nurses.
  • Responsible for the efficient care of the patients through emphasis on nursing process.
  • Ordering administration and documentation of medications prescribed to Patients.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in working environment to ensure safety and quiet environment for patients.
  • Giving moral support and health education to patients, their relatives and public.
  • Preparing patients for various investigations including laboratory and radiological imaging.
  • Collecting specimens including sputum, stool, urine and blood.
  • Accountability for judicious and efficient use of resources.
  • Disposal of wastes safely and adherence to infection control protocols.


  1. Medical Surgical Clinical Nurse - Aga Khan Hospital: Kisumu (Jul 2012- Apr 2013)

  Key Responsibilities

  • Fully responsible of a given shift in a nursing unit in absence of the senior nurses.
  • Utilization of Electronic Hospital Management Information System (E-HMIS) in delivery of patient care.
  • Responsible for the efficient care of the patients through emphasis on nursing process.
  • Participate in Doctors rounds and discuss patient’s conditions or concerns and ensure prompt changes made by doctors.
  • Establish and maintain a safe and quiet environment for patients.
  • Participate in safe custody and correct administration of medicines.
  • Participate in teaching sessions, conferences and case studies presentation for staff development.
  • Plan, organize and allocate duties to staff available, noting attendance and punctuality.
  • Exercise economic use of supplies and equipment’s and availability in a given shift.

  1. Clinical Nurse - St. Luke’s Medical Centre- Kisumu (Mar 2011- Jun 2012)

       Key Responsibilities

  • Hospital coverage in the absence of senior nursing manager.
  • Assessment, identification of patient’s needs, planning and implementation of quality nursing care to patients.
  • Ordering administration and documentation of medications prescribed to patients.
  • Conducting labor ward procedures including delivery.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in working environment.
  • Giving moral support and health education to patients, their relatives and public.
  • Participating in compiling weekly and monthly reports including disease surveillance report.
  • Ensuring availability of supplies and equipment in wards and hospital in General and that all hospital equipment’s and instruments are in good working condition.
  • Proper documentation of procedures undergone by patients.
  • Escorting patients for medical services in other service delivery points.
  • Timely and good communication of progress made by patients undergoing specific management. 
  1. Internship Clinical Practice - Nyeri Provincial General Hospital (Feb 2010-Feb 2011)

      Key Responsibilities

  • Management of patients in various hospital units, including managing the outpatient department ,admission of patients, general nursing care, close monitoring and management of patients undergoing different procedures.
  • Participation in ward management.
  • Appropriate deployment of staff according to qualification, experience and workload.
  • Ensuring availability and maintenance of appropriate supplies and equipment to include budgeting/procurement, inventory and handing over.
  • Providing services rendered at the health Centre to include outreach services, prenatal, Postnatal, family planning, curative and home visiting.