Department/Unit/Section: Environmental Health
Contact Address: 
P.O Box 43844.

Position: Lecturer

Area of Specialization: Occupational Safety and Health Advisory

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Professional Experience

Lecturer, Kenyatta University, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health. Areas of competence include occupational safety and health, environmental impact assessment and audit, environmental inspections and workplace risk assessments.

Safety and Health Advisor and NEMA Environmental Lead Expert
I have over 6 years experience of undertaking Safety, Health and Environmental Audits of workplaces in accordance with the DOSHS Code of Practice on Occupational Safety and Health Auditing and NEMA Regulations. Some of the clients for whom I have recently completed audits include Dahya Chemicals Ltd, Springs Industries Ltd, Smart price supermarkets, Sueng Enterprises Limited, Mwalimu National Sacco Society, Hari Singh Engineers Limited, Zahra Sign Systems Limited, Silent Knight Ltd, Plastico Ltd and Deluxe Ink Manufacturers Ltd.

The experience is basically in the provision of advisory services to organizations regarding the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment industry “best practice”. The main tasks in this case are to conduct extensive review of existing policies and programs on the current status of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment at the workplaces. From the findings, the next task is to design for the company a Safety, Health and Environment Improvement Plan based on the “industry best practice”.