Department: Computing and Information Sciences
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Areas of Specialization:
Information Organization; computer applications
Research Interest: 
E-Learning; Ageing; Open Access; Digitization
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Dr. Caroline Mutwiri holds a PhD (Information Science) degree an MED (Information Science) degree and a BED (English/Library Science) degree all from Kenyatta University. Dr. Mutwiri has 17 years of experience at the University Level. She has lectured at PhD, Masters and Undergraduate levels based on her areas of specialization. She has examined several PhD and Masters Theses and projects. She has supervised several masters and PhD students who have successfully completed. She has also published widely and the publications are accessible online via her Google scholar and Ordcid accounts.  Due to extensive period of lecturer ship, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in Information Communication and Technology (Digitization, ICT applications, Software Development and Application, Human-Computer Interaction, Hardware, Software and Electronic Information Sources) based on lectureship of the same at the University. In addition, she has vast experience in Information organization, Knowledge management, Competency Based Curriculum (Assessment) and Teaching practicum and Mentorship.

In the context of University administration, Dr. Mutwiri is the Director, Center for Teacher Professional Development and Excellence at Kenyatta University, a directorate whose mandate is teaching practicum and mentorship coordination, excellence in teaching and learning and primary teacher education coordination. She is responsible for organizing Teaching practicum I (Job Shadowing / field experiences) and Teaching Practicum II (Teaching Practice) for both 8.4.4 and CBC curriculums. She is responsible for student-teachers placement in schools, assessment and coordination of teacher mentors, teachers employed by teachers service commission (TSC) and trained by Kenyatta University to conduct student-teacher assessment. She coordinates overall training of Kenyatta University Teaching Practicum advisors and teacher mentors and also retooling on emerging trends. Dr. Mutwiri also is responsible for ensuring excellence in teaching and learning at Kenyatta University by ensuring timely Student Lecturer Evaluation takes place. She thereafter conducts user needs analysis and ensures regular training of academic staff in pedagogy and any other emerging areas. In addition, as director, she coordinates the Primary Teacher Education diploma and degree courses at the university. Prior to the director’s appointment, Dr. Mutwiri was the Teaching Practice coordinator for Embu and Kirinyaga Counties for over five years.

He has equally served as the digital school Examinations Coordinator for Kenyatta University. In this she was overall custodian of the master Compact Disk (CD) with all examinations for all schools and departments in the main and satellite campuses. Dr. Mutwiri also ensured that students outside the countries were able to sit exams in various embassy’s and that the same were delivered, dispatched to relevant departments without any missing scripts.  She served for many years as the Chief Invigilator for various Kenyatta University digital school centers in Nyeri, Nakuru, and Kericho among others. In this assignment Dr. Mutwiri coordinated timely administration of exams, collection, distribution and dispatch to relevant departments within the university with corresponding documentation.

In addition, she has served in several Departmental committees (relating to review of academic programmes) in the Department of Computing and Information Science. Prior to her appointment as director she served as the departmental timetable ensuring that no collisions in the timetable occurred and that all units were assigned venues based on class size and nature of unit. Practical units were assigned appropriate venues that facilitated the practical nature. She also developed various Teaching Modules for Distance Learning. At the School level, she served as a member of school board of post graduate students and at the annual school conference as an organizing committee member.

In addition, Dr. Mutwiri has considerable experience in the university sector. She served as the Deputy University Librarian at Strathmore University in the period 2008-2009; she also served as an assistant librarian at Kenya Methodist University in the period 2006-2007. In the two institutions she used ICT in spearheading Automation of Information Services using the Integrated Management Systems.

With regard to external linkages, Dr. Mutwiri was a consultant by USAID in the technical team that developed the first Meru County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). She also was used as a resource person in establishment of a modern library, curriculum development, strategic planning and application of ICT at the East African University-Kenya and guided the university through the process of accreditation by the commission for university education.

Dr. Mutwiri’s specialization include: Information Communication Technology-Systems, Learning management systems, Information Organization, Knowledge Management, Teaching Practicum and Mentorship, Ageing, Counseling Psychology


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