Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 43844, -00100,NAIROBI
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Position: Senior Lecturer

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Research Interest

  • Food interventions for management of various health conditions including vitamin A deficiency, HIV and cancer.
  • Environmental management including soil, water, air analysis
  • Analysis of foods and other consumer products, for heavy metals and essential elements
  • Development of analytical methods for determination of trace elements
  • Investigation of substances including plants for organic farming

List of Book Chapters

  • Andala, D.M., Mobegi, E., Nawiri, M and Otieno, G (2020). Fabrication of Metal OxideBiopolymer Nanocomposite for Water Defluoridation. Source Title: Effects of Emerging Chemical Contaminants on Water Resources and Environmental Health. Pages: 242-271 DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1871-7.ch013
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  • Nyambaka, H.N and Nawiri, M.P (2013). Indegenous vgetables: An excellent source of vitamin A. In Vitamin A and Vitamin E; daily resuirements, daily, dietary sources and symptoms of deficiency. Edited by Leon De Smet and Mathis Claes. Nova Science Publishers, Newyork. Pg 105-122.


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  • Nderitu S.M., Nyambaka H. N. and Nawiri M. P. Sunflower and palm oils as potential preservatives of beta carotene extracted from Asystasia mysorensis and solanum nigrum. Food Research FR-2018-080 In press
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  • 2020- 12th August: Schrödinger Day & International Youth Day organised online under the umbrella of the Virtual Conference on Chemistry and its Applications, VCCA-2020, Mauritius
  • 2020-12th February: Nomination to attend a meeting on the Austrian Academic Exchange Service, Kenya
  • 2019-6 th -12th October: Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities (CEPU), Train-TheTrainer Idea Camp., Sagana Rapids camp, Kenya
  • 2019- 20th – 24th May: International Food safety Conference, Kenyatta University, Kenya 8  Workshop on Laws and Policies for Chemical Management systems towards responsible consumption on production in Kenya. 7th -8 th March 2019, Kisumu Hotel, Maseno University, Kenya
  • Matchmaking workshop for the Programme Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa. 14th -15th Feb 2018, Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2nd International Conference on Higher Education 4th -6th October 2017 Meru University of Science and Technology. 
    Paper presented: Nawiri, M.P. “Towards strengthening University –Industry partnership for Kenyatta University”
  • European University Network on Entrepreneurship (ESU) conference, Held 4th -8th September 2017, Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany.
  • The 10th Kenya Chemical Society International Conference 9th -12th May 2017. United States International University (USIU)-Africa. Theme: ‘The Role of Chemistry in Inventing a Sustainable Future’.
    Paper presented: Muturi S.N, Nawiri, M.P and Nyambaka, H.N. Retention of extractable beta carotene from indigenous vegetables Asystasia mysorensis and Solanum nigrum in sunflower and palm oils (Awarded Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) poster winners’ prize)
    Paper presented: Basweti K.J, Nawiri, M.P and Nyambaka, H.N. levels of polyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water, sediment and soil from a section of River Nzoia, Kakamega County-Kenya (Awarded RSC poster winners’ prize)
    Paper presented: Muanje, A.D, Nawiri, M.P and Wanjau, R.N. Determination of skin lightening agents in skin lightening cosmetics sold in Mombasa County
    Paper presented: Duya, C.O, Nawiri, M.P and Wafula, W.A. Variation in Levels of Vitamins A and C with Maturity of Amaranthus hybridus (L) Leaves Grown in Different Soil - types in Kwale County, Kenya
  • NIMR 30th Annual Joint Scientific Conference 4th-6th October, 2016 Julius Nyerere International Convection, Tanzania. 
    Paper presented: Nawiri, M.P, Hena, J., Andala, D.M and Nyambaka, H.N “Storing fruits of solanum lycopersicum at room temperature affects carotenoid levels, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity.
  • Symposium on Women in Chemistry, The Hague, The Netherlands, 17 May 2016.
  • Humboldt “Kolleg” 2016 Held in Naivasha, Kenya April 6 – 8 , 2016. Paper presented: Nawiri, M.P, et al “Carotenoid levels, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity Variations in Varieties of Citrullus lanatus under Storage at Room Temperature”. Theme: “Research and Networking: Laying the Foundation for the Sustainable Development Goals”
  • The 4th Africa food & Nutrition Forum October 27th – 29th, 2015 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:
  • Certificate of participation: Chemical Inventory management Systems (CIMS) Workshop (24th – 28th August. 2015)
  • STEP Train- the Trainer Workshop (September 7th to 9th September, 2015)
  • UNESCO/UNITWIN Chairs Consultative and Sensitization forum, April 22nd 2015. University of Nairobi.
  • AGGN workshop on Good Governance in post 2015. Held at Best Western Hotel, Nairobi on 16th January 2015.
  • Ministerial Forum for Ministers of Social Development for Eastern African Region 24th – 26th February 2015, Nairobi Kenya.
  • Nomination to attend a meeting on students attachment, Internship and Partnership with the private sector organized by Ministry of Education, Science .
  • Framework for the internalization of Doctoral education (FRINDOC) Induction working Group at University of Bergen, Norway, 13th -14th February 2014
  • International Science And Technology Conference (ISTEC) held at Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 13th -15th December 2012. Paper presented:- Nawiri M.P., Oyoo, D and Odundo, J. O. “ The artemisinin potential of leaves from cultivars and wildlings of Artemisia annua L. grown in Western Kenya”
  • Kenya DAAD Scholar’s Association Conference held at Egerton University on 15th-16th November 2012. Paper presented:- Nawiri M.P., Nyambaka, H. and Aywa, K. “Nutrient content in colored varieties of ipomea batatas”.
  • Seeding Labs International/ Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research (NIBR) Fellowship Training 2012, Boston, MA, USA.
  • DIES-Training: “Proposal Writing for International Research Projects” Second Part: April 9th-14th, 2012 in Naivasha, Sawela Lodge, Kenya. Proposal presented:-Phytochemical compounds and nutrients in varieties of fresh and dehydrated indigenous vegetables and fruits grown in Kenya.
  • DIES-Training: “Proposal Writing for International Research Projects” First Part: November 20th -25th, 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. DAAD Annual conference held on 16th November, 2011 at Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. Theme:- Capacity Development for the County Governments in the New Constitutional Dispensation in Kenya.
  • Kenyatta University Capacity building seminar for staff mentors at Business and students Services Center, 31st August 2010. (Participated).
  • 4th Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference held at Safari park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya on 4th -8th October 2010.Theme “Nutrition and Food security: Success and emerging challenges. Paper presented:- Nyambaka, H, Nawiri M, et al. The nutritive value of indigenous vegetables in the lake Victoria basin in relation to HIV/AIDS management.
  • African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE) Conference held at Monetary Studies College, Kenya on 18th -20th August, 2010. Theme “A decade into the 20th Century: The contribution of African Women Scientists and Engineers. Paper presented:- Nawiri, M.P, Nyambaka H. and Murungi J.I. Effect of Dehydration of dark green leafy vegetables on bioavailability of serum beta-carotene among preschool children.