Name: Mbuvi Harun Mbatha

Title/Qualification: Dr. / PhD

Department: Chemistry

Designation/Position: Senior Lecturer and Chairman of Department

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Area of Specialization:

- Inorganic Chemistry

- Catalysis

Research Interests:

- Environment, Wastewater Treatment, Soil Fertility, Adsorption, Foliar Fertilizers, Catalyst, Organometallics, Porous Materials, Soil Chemistry, Coordination Compounds

Organometallic Compounds, Porphyrins

- Exploring and developing materials, techniques and practices that offer solutions to global and regional challenges through multidisciplinary research approach.

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  • Adamu Abdulhameed, Harun M. Mbuvi*, Evans O. Changamu. (2020), Synthesis of Cellulose-Based Superabsorbent Hydrogel from Rice Husk Using a Microwave. American Journal of Materials Science 2020, 10(1): 1-8 DOI: 10.5923/j.materials.20201001.01

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  • F MAINGI, M Mwihaki Ng'ang'a, HM Mbuvi, H Mwangi, (2019) Clay-Rice Husk Ash based Geopolymers for Remediation of Pb (II) and Cd (II) from Wastewater, Egerton Journal of Science and Technology 17 (1-139), 15-28

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  • Harun M. Mbuvi, L. Keith Woo: Catalytic C−H Insertions Using Iron(III) Porphyrin Complexes. Organometallics (2008); 27(4):637-645.

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

Harun Mbatha Mbuvi: Speciation of Cadmium and Lead in Garage Soils from Ngara- Nairobi and Their Levels In Nearby Vegetables and Water. The 7 th International Kenya Chemical Society Conference, Maseno University, Kenya; 10/2012

Harun Mbatha Mbuvi: New Catalytic Reactions of Iron(III) Porphyrins. International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-5); 07/2008

Harun Mbuvi, Department of Chemistry, Woo Group, Iowa State University "Novel Reactions Catalyzed By Metal Porphyrin Complexes". April 11, 2007

Harun Mbuvi, Woo Group "Catalytic C-H Insertions Using Silver, Copper and Iron (III) Porphyrin Complexes" March 25, 2005, Friday, 1352 Gilman,