Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 43844, -00100,

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Area of specialization

  1. Computational or Theoretical Chemistry

Research Interests
Computational chemistry and quantum chemistry, with particular reference to:

  1. Accurate calculations of structures and harmonic frequencies.
  2. Understanding, evaluating and improving simple qualitative bonding models by using accurate quantitative models.
  3. Economical methods of modelling the results of ab initio calculations. Teaching computational chemistry making use of computers in innovative ways.
  4. Integrating Computational Chemistry into Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum in Kenya.

Conference Presentation

  1. Study of the Mechanism of Acid Catalyzed Esterification, Poster presented, Durban, South Africa, 3-8th December 2006
  2. Mechanism and Kinetics of the Esterification Reaction of Acetyl Chloride with Methanol: A Theoretical Study, Cape Town, South Africa, 23rd -27th September 2007